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Carpenter Returns From Heaven With Message From Jesus

In a Coma for a month, Richard Pischke traveled beyond your world when hospital monitors showed he was brain dead not once, but twice. He was given a 2nd chance and a message for all people of all faiths—a message from God to humankind.

EntSun - Jul. 28, 2015 - KEY WEST, Fla. -- Freedom Road Publishing announced its latest project, the story of a construction worker who feel into a 15-foot hole, was covered in water and concrete for 20 minutes, lived in a coma for a month, flat lining on his EEG twice during that time, and returning to life.

A fund raising drive is being held to raise money to bring the story of a strong Christian faith. A wife's bedside prayers, refusing to take her husband off life support when doctors suggested that as her only option. And a carpenter waking from his coma with a message from Heaven for all humankind. Freedom Road Publishing and the family of Richard Pischke seek all willing believers help with this life-altering project to tell a story to the world of the power of prayer. Help us spread the word of faith, hope, and the fact that Heaven is real to all peoples of all faiths.
Help today with Richard's story. Give your generous donation to this worthy project. Read the full story at KickStarter.com using the following URL:


Source: Freedom Road Publishing

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