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Car Donations: Are They a Scam???

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LOS ANGELES - EntSun -- Why Can Car Donations Appear to Be a Scam?

Whether or not you've known someone who's done a car donation, you may be skeptical of the process. That's totally understandable. To some, it can feel like you're giving up the value of a trade-in or the cash you'd get from selling a car yourself. What many people have come to realize, is when you donate a car to charity, you're putting a checkmark in the plus category on your taxes.

Now, what are the most common reasons people view car donation as a scam? We have taken the time to answer this question and offer you a different perspective.

Someone may think a car donation company is a scam if…

• The car donation company is not a charity
• They can't take your car for donation
• The charity doesn't get 100% of proceeds
• Your car doesn't sell for Kelley Blue Book value
• Your charity is not on our list (or maybe it was on the list, but isn't anymore)
• It takes a while to sell your donated vehicle (RVs, motorcycles, and watercraft included)

How can all of these factors not be indicators of a scam? In order to answer this, we must dig a little deeper. So let's dive into car donations with Cars2Charities.

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Why Donate My Car to a Company That Is Not a Charity?

Excellent question! Cars2Charities (https://www.cars2charities.org/faqs) is not a nonprofit but IS registered as a commercial fundraiser (aka professional fundraiser), which means when you donate a car to charity through Cars2Charities it provides a way to raise money for the 501(c)(3) of your choice. Cars2Charities actually acts as a representative of your charity during the donation process! All you do is select a nonprofit organization that you care about, and Cars2Charities does the heavy lifting.

So, although Cars2Charities is not a charity, you still receive a tax deduction for your vehicle.

How, you ask? Well, in reality you ARE donating to the charity you chose, Cars2Charities is just taking care of the details.

An additional advantage of Cars2Charities not being a charity is that we are not tied down to one, single cause. Our fundraising status means we're free to work with a variety of charities, giving you many causes and nonprofits to choose from.

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