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Car Accident Informal on what to do and how to handle

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Types of Car Accidents

There are all sorts of car accidents. Some happen while you're stopped at a traffic light. Others happen while you're driving on the highway. Regardless of how it happens, it can cost you money and pain. That's why it's so important you call an auto accident lawyer right away.

However, let's say your brake lights are broken. You slam on your brakes at the last second. The light is green. A car going 5 mph behind you had to slam his brakes because you stopped. He bumps your car. You may both be held equally responsible. If this is the case, your damages will be cut in half. There is not much your Car Accident Lawyers can do to stop this.

Texting and Driving

Distracted driving causes thousands of accidents each year. Our Houston car accident attorneys handle these types of cases every week. Whether the other driver was talking or texting, his being on the phone certainly distracted him.

Car accident Lawyer used to have a hard time proving texting cases. It is not as hard now as it was 5-10 years ago. Before, you needed an eyewitness to testify that a driver was texting at the time of the accident. This is hard because rarely is an eyewitness paying attention to a random driver. It is even rarer that they are doing so at the exact moment an accident happens.

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Now, we have advanced technology. Your attorney can summon phone records to show the other driver was texting when the accident happen. He can use your own phone records to prove that you were not.

Head-on Collisions
Most head-on collisions involve drivers who are:

Drunk or on drugs

Asleep at the wheel


Distracted, especially texting

Your Car accident lawyer needs to collect all the evidence to prove the other party is at fault. It is important that your lawyer looks at every picture, police report and witness statement available.

Proving who is at fault in a head-on collision may be difficult. It happens so fast there may not be eyewitnesses who can testify as to what happened.

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