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Cancellation and Refund policies of the Southwest Airlines

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Cancellation and Refund policies of the Southwest Airlines

A lot of times we cancel our confirmed plans because of any emergency or change in plans. But not every airline provides with easy cancellation or refund rules. If in case you have made bookings in the Southwest Airlines, then you can easily cancel your flight. You can also apply for a refund after canceling the flight.

Southwest Airlines cancellation process

To cancel the flights in Southwest Airlines, there are a few alternatives with which you can cancel your flight. Also while canceling flights, there is Southwest cancellation policy which you have to follow. Tap below for the details.

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Steps to cancel flights in the Southwest Airlines

1. To cancel the flight, click on the official website and tap on the manage booking option.

2. Under the manage bookings, select the cancel reservation option and proceed ahead.

3. Enter the reservation number of the flight and click on the search option.

4. As the flight details appear, scroll down and look for the cancel button.

5. Follow the onscreen instructions and cancel the bookings. And you are done!

And you want instant booking get it through Southwest Airlines Cancellation policy, with 24 hours policy.stats
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