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BSEpic Launched 3rd Short Film, "INDIA KUDIMAGAN", a dedication film to our Incredible India

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Followed by the heart-melting short film," Aaluma Doluma", BSEpic has released its third short film "INDIA KUDIMAGAN", a realistic depiction of our freedom fighters.

BANGALORE, India - March 12, 2018 - EntSun -- Being the leading short filmmaker, BSEpic released their third short film "INDIA KUDIMAGAN" on 9th March 2018. This film is dedicated to all our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for our liberty. This film is about an old man, who has been portrayed as drunken. The Director has used this concept to give the deep meaning towards the end of the film. The story is covered with an old man who truly displayed the feeling towards our patriotism. The film last for 3:19 minutes and powerful messages has been conveyed to the audience, moreover, to the society and to the people.

The short film has been starting with the Sepia visual with the freedom fighters face throughout the screen. The Director used this pattern to give the ancient book look to his film. The real story started with the intro of a drunken old man who has been considered as the Hero of this film. The Director used the BGM that takes us to the period when we got our freedom. The whole short film has been directed to convey the message of the today's actual status of our freedom and their lifestyle now. Throughout the film, the Director has focused on the old man's body and facial expressions to display the real message of his concept. The old man has been walking in the street with an unsteady condition and consumes alcohol to remember those days when he fights for our freedom.

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Nevertheless, he is unstable and drunk; he is worried about the National Flag that remains in the street. This was displayed when he showed the anger face when people passed the flag without noticing it. Throughout the film, the Director depicts his anger on today's people and their carelessness. Moreover, he displaced beautifully the respect feeling of the old man towards his nation. Furthermore, the ole man, who has been our popular character and known as RAHUL THATHA has grabbed everyone's heart with his experienced acting. At the end of the film, 2 strong messages are conveyed "The real status of the freedom fighter and his patriotism". The Director tacked the messages with the 2 beautiful background music's.

This has been the director of Prithvi Moses, Photographer and the creative head in BSEpic. The intention of the Director is to create awareness about the current situation of our nation. The film conveys the message that how to respect our Nation and our National flag. Even being the budding Director, Prithvi has nailed the powerful message in his short film. Visit us our website today! www.bsepic.com

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