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British Start-Up Launches Innovative and Unique Hanger Storage Solution

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LONDON - Dec. 19, 2018 - EntSun -- Hangersmith is a British luxury brand that has designed a handmade hanger solution for storing scarves, bags, belts, ties, bras, peak caps and more. Today, the company has launched it to the public and the innovative solution is already turning quite a few heads within the luxury community.

Anthony Muraro founded Hangersmith earlier this year after many months of research and development to create the perfect product for his needs. He saw a gap in the market for a hanger that is designed to store clothing items efficiently without having a complicated method for storage.

Like many people around the world, Anthony had built up quite the collection of scarves and bags, which until recently formed a slighting chaotic pile as "organisation". He tried hanging them on hangers, rings and other solutions on the market but they didn't meet his storage requirements. Most of the time, he would just end up piling them up or sticking them in a draw.

Earlier this year, he had a moment of inspiration and came up with the idea of using flexible cords that are drawn underneath whatever scarf, bag or other items that needed to be stored efficiently that secured them to the hanger. The innovative design secures items to the hanger and ensures that they are secure while being easy to remove when he wanted to use them.

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Anthony set to work on creating the perfect design in his workshop and after discussing it with friends and family, he realised that it was something that a lot of people would have use for. A short test run on Etsy and Folksy proved successful, so he decided to start his own business, appropriately named Hangersmith.

The hanger he created has many uses and some which may not be thought of usually:

•          For Scarves or any other long flexible item, I found this storage method is easier than poking the end of a piece of cloth through a hole and pulling half of it through or knotting a scarf onto a hanger or any of the other methods I've tried (you can't get many scarves onto a hanger in this way so you need lots of hangers and this uses a lot of hanging space – particularly if you have quite a few scarves)

•          For Bags, we were hanging multiple bags over a single hanger which works well enough, but you tend to have to take the hanger off the rail to get a bag off and the one you want might not be the one on the top

•          For Belts, fold the belt in half like a tie or scarf or pass the bead end of cord through the loop of the buckle

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•          For Ties, the cord supports the tie, folded in the middle of its length

•          Peak caps – pass the beaded end through the gap between the adjustable strap and the fabric of the cap

•          For Bra's and Camisoles, they can be suspended by looping one of the flexible cords around straps or anything suitable.

The Hangersmith Storage Hanger overcomes several design problems that I had noticed with other solutions to clothing storage. It is space efficient and can hold up to 16 items on just one hanger, making the items easy to see and grab when you are reaching into your wardrobe. The flexible chords that are used to fasten items to the hanger are easy to move, while the large beads keep items fixed firmly in place until you need to use them.


Proudly British and handcrafted especially for you, Hangersmith is a brand that has created an innovative solution to storing scarves, bags, belts, ties and more in a space-efficient design. No longer do you need to have multiple hooks to hold your clothing or hide them away in a drawer.


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