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Brighton Publishing releases "Honestly Confronting God" from author Joyce Carol Gibson

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"Written with emotional resonance, the author delivers deeply compelling stories and inspiration"

MESA, Ariz. - May 22, 2019 - EntSun -- Brighton Publishing proudly announces the eBook release of Honestly Confronting God: "How to confess your anger against God" from author Joyce Carol Gibson. The eBook is now available from eBook vendors including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other leading book retailers. The print edition release is scheduled for late summer 2019 and will be distributed through Ingram, the world's largest wholesale book distributor, in addition to worldwide availability through the Espresso book machine network.

Synopsis: Honestly Confronting God is a collection of inspirational stories demonstrating how to restore your relationship with god.

If you have ever walked with Jesus and turned away, life is worse than if you had never known Him.

When you feel abandoned by God Almighty, suddenly He seems not so mighty.

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When your lips that once gave Him praise tremble with pain and sorrow because you believe He failed you, there is no longer a desire to praise Him.

When you have served what you believed was a loving God and now He seems unconcerned, how can you want to seek Him?

How can you care about the God you trusted after you have lost the most important battle in your life and He wasn't there?

There is one unpardonable sin and it is not being angry with God. You can't be angry with God if you are a fool who has said in his heart that there is no God. If you are angry with Him it proves that you do believe in Him.

What a miserable life you have ahead of you if you stay angry with God knowing He is God. It's not your soul that's in jeopardy. It's your joy, your peace, your comfort, your hope for a chance of pleasing Him because you no longer want to.

God understands pain. He understands emotions. He understands disappointment, even disappointment in Him. He waits for you to realize the truth. You may not find that truth if you don't honestly confront Him asking for truth.

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Not everyone has the gift of preaching. Some take it upon themselves to preach and proclaim that they are called to preach. The ones who are not called to preach yet preach anyway sew confusion and fear.

There is such a vast misunderstanding of God's word that it is evident to some why Jesus wept.


"Written with emotional resonance, the author delivers deeply compelling stories and inspiration" said Brighton Publishing.

Joyce was born in a small coal mining town in West Virginia. The town was wedged between the mountains and populated with fewer than five hundred people.

If you were to ask Joyce what matters most to her, she would say God and her family.

She currently resides in Tennessee with her family.


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Source: Brighton Publishing LLC
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