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Bitbook.ag exchange listing announcement - Mass adoption for a great project!

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - March 26, 2019 - EntSun -- Cryptocurrencies in 2019 are by no means mainstream. However, many companies continue to work towards mass adoption. Startups that launch cryptocurrencies and traditional companies with blockchain's projects all struggle to promote their ICOs, in a still young token environment. One of the most important factor is having the token listed on a cryptocurrency exchange. This process gives legitimacy to the project and brings even more interest from the community, consequently contributing an increased trading volume to the newly registered token.

Getting listed is one of the biggest hurdles for any ICO. Over 90% of all projects will never get listed anywhere, or best case a free exchange with little to no volume, and this factor contributes enormously to the failure of the majority of projects. Bitbook.ag has been recognized as one of the most significant projects of 2019, that is why so many people are eager to know where our famous BXK Token will be listed.

Bitbook.ag is already revolutionizing the online casino and sports-book world. With a fully developed and functional product, where people can play and bet in more than 200 game options using Bitcoin. The revolution goes even further with the BXK token being integrated into the sports book platform post to their ICO main sale. Using BXK, players all around the world pay lower transactions and administrative costs. Furthermore, Bitbook's sports book also provides 10% return on player's losses, as well as additional bonuses that are not offered by other gaming tokens. These advantages are incredible, but reaching mass adoption is important for future players so that they will be able to trade their BXK tokens. Bitbook.ag understands how much it is essential for the sustainability of a project in the current crypto market, and strived to be listed on reputable and high trading volume exchanges.

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That is why we have some big news to share with you! We have been accepted and will be listed on leading exchanges! Bitbook.ag proudly presents its newest partnerships with a permanent listing of BXK token on HitBTC and Changelly! Now you have trading of BXK to BTC 24/7!

HitBTC ( https://hitbtc.com/ ) is one of the most advanced Bitcoin exchanges in the market! With the best security practices of two-factor authentication and advanced encryption technology. For account holders, it offers all the security required to trade tokens securely. HitBTC operates with fair rates and a friendly API, which make it one of the most used crypto-exchanges since 2013, with more than 300 cryptocurrencies listed.

Changelly ( https://changelly.com/ ) has built an excellent reputation in the market as one of the fastest and most secure ways to exchange your cryptocurrency. It offers 24-7 live support, and since 2015 has established partnerships with essential players in the cryptocurrency industry, today there are over 130 cryptocurrencies listed.

With our Main Sale coming to an end in 5 days from now (nearly SOLD OUT) we have reached every possible goal! (It's finally LAMBO TIME!)

Even though BXK has a significant use inside the Bitbook.ag platform, unless it has the full support of external exchanges its value would have been limited to the members. Many projects may have potential, and a real value proposition but will never reach the full potential due to a lack of exchange listings.

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In short, if a project doesn't have the support from exchanges, it makes the buying and selling of a crypto asset very difficult. There is a clear relationship between the success of a cryptocurrency and the quality of exchange it affiliates with. Hence, Bitbook.ag is so proud to announce the partnership with these HitBTC ( https://hitbtc.com/ ) and Changelly (https://changelly.com/ ), two big players on the crypto exchange market.

Bitbook.ag team is confident that this process of being listed will allow the project to achieve substantial heights on the cryptocurrency market. Thanks for all your ongoing support! The Bitbook.ag community has indeed been great, and we are looking forward to our next steps, and we invite you to be part of our story.

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