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Bill & Melinda Gates' Divorce is Going to Be Expensive but Yours Doesn't Have to Be

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Divorce lawyer offers insider tips to save you money on legal fees

LAMBERTVILLE, N.J. - EntSun -- The world is talking about the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce. And it's going to be an expensive one. But yours doesn't have to be.

The average cost of divorce nationwide is estimated at $13,000 and could be much higher in your state. Legal fees quickly add up.  But you still have some control over how your money is spent.

Divorce lawyer Sonia Frontera offers insider tips to save you money and aggravation while going through a divorce.

Be solution-oriented
Surprisingly, after bitter arguing, more than 90% of divorces settle without going to trial.

Cut to the chase and spare yourself the unnecessary suffering. Adopt a solution-oriented mindset early in your divorce and redirect your energy from combat to creation.

Investigate alternatives to litigation, such as mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce.

Use your attorney time wisely to avoid sticker shock

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Regardless of the divorce model you choose, you have control over your legal fees.

Be prepared
Don't waste time and money. Have a list of questions and issues to discuss before your conversations with your attorney. Be straight and to the point and don't go off topic or into tangents.

Get your documents in order
Supply any information requested ASAP. Making your lawyer hound you for it will show up in your bill.

Don't treat your lawyer as a therapist
There will be upsetting times during this process. A mental health professional is cheaper and better equipped to help you deal with them.

Be reasonable
Pick your battles with care and strive for outcomes that make sense.

Choose your attorney wisely
Hire an attorney known for fair outcomes and avoid those that instigate you to fight. You don't want to waste your kid's college fund to pay for legal fees.

Dodge the ugly fight and come out on the other side
Having a judge decide your case should be a last resort.

Remember this too shall pass. Focus on protecting your children and rebuilding your life.

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Sonia M Frontera

Source: The Law Office of Sonia M. Frontera
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