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Avondale established a new branch in Hangzhou promoting Gallop

SYDNEY, Australia - Aug. 17, 2016 - EntSun -- With a view to promoting its Asian business, Sydney-based Gallop (GALLOP INTERNATIONAL GROUP PTY LTD) cooperated with Avondale Financial Consultants Corp., Ltd. Hangzhou branch and held a great opening ceremony a few days ago. The director of Gallop, Ming-Chien Wang, stated that Avondale Financial Consultants, which originated in Taiwan back in 2008 and entered the market in China in 2014, is an international financial investment services team with more than 20 years' experience.

Avondale cooperates with Gallop International Group Pty Ltd. in order to provide mainly consulting services regarding investment products and insurance services and previously set its Asian headquarters in Fuzhou, which has led to a successful market exploration in Hong Kong, Japan, Shanghai, Chengdu, Harbin, Changchun and other markets and set up a range of branches in Shanghai, Dongguan, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, introducing international financial knowledge into China, fulfilling increased demand of convenience and variety for investors and apart from achieving a stable profit, particular attention is paid to insecurity avoiding measures.

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Teacher Yi-Tung Wen, who made a great effort to establish the Hangzhou branch with enthusiasm, presented that when providing consulting services in his business, he was always asked about the problem of investment loss and then he found out that enclosed financial information in China was the main reason. He wishes to have the opportunity to introduce a proper financial platform with necessary measures taken to avoid insecurity. Knowing Gallop, Avondale in Taipei, together with a large number of field visits and tests, each party had successfully built trust and reached consensus, leading to the establishment of Avondale Financial Consultants Corp., Ltd. Hangzhou
branch. We originated from goodness and would like clients to invest without worries, with the intention to gain not only profit, but also more public interest value.

Gallop International Group Pty Ltd (http://www.gamfx.com/, AFS Licence Number: 419155) is under the regulation of ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). It cooperates with Avondale and has filtered investment products from the top 100 global financial institutions for investors. All transactions are monitored by international legal bodies and avoiding capital insecurity is its priority. The elite team is led by chief technical analyst Ciang Kuang, technical director of intelligent automated trading program Jhih-Jiao Li, and experienced senior professionals in the fields of securities, futures, forex trading and financial derivatives to help with investment management for investors. With the accumulated trading experience of two decades, it has designed an intelligent risk control system for investors to gain low-risk, high-profit expected profit with long-term stability for all investors.

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