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AV Conversion Services Announce New Offering – Convert DVDs to mp4 Digital Files

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AV Conversion Services Convert DVD Video to mp4 Digital Files
AV Conversion Services preserves old DVD media to New Future-proof mp4 files

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - May 7, 2019 - EntSun -- AV Conversion Services, a company that transfers older form of media such as 8mm film, VHS tapes, audio cassettes, photos etc. to digital, has announced that they have a new service for people who don't have DVD players anymore or want to watch their home movies on their computers or Smart TVs.

While DVDs were a popular plug and play format for watching video on TV, they are quickly becoming a thing of the past! Mp4 files are quickly becoming the new standard, and AV Conversion Services builds them to last!

AV Conversion services can Rescue your Home Movies by Converting Your DVDs into Everlasting mp4 Files

"If you had your home movies converted to DVDs, you're not alone." says Scott Sargent, owner of AV.  "Unfortunately, many people have had their films and videotapes transferred to DVDs already, the good news is even though DVD players and DVD drives in computers are going away, AV can rescue those home movies and make them future-proof by converting them to digital mp4 files."

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Mp4 File Advantages over DVDs

Mp4 files have many advantages over DVDs and they are much more versatile. Not all mp4 files are created equally, but AV doesn't take any shortcuts when it comes to people's memories! AV encodes mp4 files for quality and compatibility!
  • Mp4 files can be played on any computer (MAC or Windows).
  • Mp4 files will play on most Smart TVs from a USB device or network.
  • Mp4 files allow for better quality than DVDs when encoded properly from the source.
  • Mp4 files created by AV, can be edited on any computer.
  • Mp4 files are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and web friendly.
  • Since mp4 files are a file and not a tape or disc, they will not degrade over time and are not reliant on a disposable player.
  • Mp4 files be shared with family members easily via USB devices, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc…
"We are thrilled to offer this service!" said Scott Sargent, owner of AV. "Digital files really do check all the boxes when it comes to preserving home movies including quality and convenience. There are so many benefits to having your home movies in an editable, versatile, future-proof format such as mp4. We urge people to migrate their videos off of DVDs and into mp4 files before they become scratched or unplayable." To learn more about this new service from AV Conversion Services you can find out more at http://convertvideotomp4.com/video-to-mp4-file-transfer/

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About AV Conversion Services

AV Conversion Services provides various media transfer services, in addition to converting DVD into mp4, such as Video Transfer to mp4, Audio Cassette, LP and Reel to Reel transfer to mp3, HD 8mm / 16mm Film Transfer, Photo Scanning services and much more.

AV Conversion Services

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