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Another major award for Dr Imafidon as London celebrates unique contributions to education

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Professor Chris Imafidon with the Lord Mayor of London
Dr Imafidon MBE, the eldest child of Britain's brainiest family will today receive another award, a prestigious recognition of the freedom of the City of London. The alumna of ExcellenceinEducation.org.uk expressed shock at this honour ahead of the formal ceremonies featuring the Imafidon family led by world renown Professor Chris Imafidon and other leaders

LONDON - April 18, 2019 - EntSun -- World renown consultant to governments, monarchs & presidents, Professor Chris Imafidon and head of Britain's brainiest family,  [Imafidon family] will lead his family to today's prestigious ceremony in the city of London where leaders and achievers will be honoured with the "Freedom of the City of London"

Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, MBE is one of more than 100 women who will receive the Freedom of the City of London to commemorate the centenary of the Representation of the People Act 1918.

The award nominees are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, but all of them have a connection to the City. Dr Imafidon, former assistant Vice President at Deutsche Bank, UK and Ex-pupil of inner city Excellence In Education Programme. Later She founded STEMettes an organisation which aims to encourage girls into STEM -STEMettes. Dr Imafidon, heard the news, just weeks after being invited to speak to in a ~EIEBootCamp for parents, teachers and University leaders including Vice Chancellors in London, Oxford and Cambridge.

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Dr ANNE-MARIE O IMAFIDON, says, "I'm shocked beyond words. This is God's miracle. Who would have expected this when my journey started with mathematical and science games at EIE (www.ExcellenceinEducation.org.uk) program a few years ago? This program equipped me with the unique thinking, tools, & techniques which makes learning fun.

Anne-Marie's father, a renown consultant to royalty and leaders, Professor Chris Imafidon, speaking on behalf of the family, said, "If one gets an award, one is very excited but if one's child gets it, that is the biggest joy imaginable. This is more than a MIRACLE! This is extraordinary, and it is happening just because one's optimisation of learning for Mathematics, Music, Science and Sports. I am forever grateful for the ExcellenceinEducation.org.uk's proven re-engineered learning methodology. It is an absolute truism, that every child is a genius. Now, it is evident that EIE's unique methodology can revolutionise learning of any subject or concepts. So, we need to work with more parents, schools, colleges and universities to implement these principles and realise the genius in every child, or greatness in everyone."

Professor Imafidon (https://twitter.com/ChrisImafidon/status/815171...), who now chairs the ExcellenceinEducation.org.uk program, known for aiding inner-city pupils to exceed all expectations, adds, "STEAM is the future, therefore, is too important to be left to schools alone"

The Freedom is also offered to individuals by the City of London Corporation to help celebrate a significant achievement or to pay tribute to their outstanding contribution to London life or public life.

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The Imafidons (http://www.imafidons.com/) gives free information and resources to encourage learning, teaching and research into science, mathematics and music. They partner with charities and other related organisations to promote new learning techniques. Professor Chris Imafidon and the family are available for keynote speaking, teaching and media interviews during some months of the year.

The Excellence in Education programme (http://www.excellenceineducation.org.uk/) runs seminars, webinars and workshop sessions for parents, schools, and other institutions interested in the educational advancements of learners particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. And also publishes links, tweets and full details on various educational activities.


Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon (%20http:/stemettes.org), founder & CEO of Stemettes.org, a multi- award winning organisation, impacting girls'  Science. It inspires and supports young women into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths careers (STEM)

Hannah Rivers, MA (Oxon)

Source: Hannah Rivers, MA (Oxon)
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