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Angie Wong accused 96 year old journalist Gloria Starr Kins of Defamation in an alleged litigation scheme

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Former Legacy PAC President Angie Wong requested a cease and desist order against a 96-year-old United Nations Journalist private investigator Patrick Collis uncovers.

MANHATTAN, N.Y. - EntSun -- By Patrick Collis Private Investigator :

Angie Wong accused Gloria Starr Kins, who is a 96-year-old United Nations Journalist of defamation requesting a cease-and-desist order to use in an alleged litigation scheme.

Gloria Starr Kins is Journalist and Editor in chief of the Society and Diplomatic Review, Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations · Dean of the UN Correspondents Association and countless other lifetime achievements. Kins journalism experience, and high profile with the UN, dates to the 1950's she has the respect of not just Journalists from around the world, but world leaders.

Kins made calls to multiple influential people warning them that Angie Wong was a Democrat pretending to be a Republican. Kins further explained in calls that Angie Wong came to her NYC home and said together they could make millions in Republican politics exploiting Kins lifetime network. Kins rejected Angie Wong's proposal to monetize her connections from a life of trusted journalism warning people she was an opportunist.  (This investigator has several legally recorded relative phone conversations)

Kins called Stan Fitzgerald on April 21st, 2023, where in addition to stating the aforementioned warnings about Wong, Kins also mentioned seeking legal counsel seeking defamation litigation against Angie Wong. Fitzgerald Texted Wong (See images ) who responded "Defamation about what, was a single thing published".

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Responding to Kins warning others of Angie Wong's schemes, Angie Wong requested that attorney Jared Craig issue a cease-and-desist order served on Kins and further illustrated in writing (see images) that she wanted to show reporters this cease-and-desist order in advance to make her story more credible.

Wong was tying her act as a pay to play journalist with a story to help her collect in litigation proceedings for being unable to work.  NOTING: This is the same scheme she used attorney Alex Kauffman for with her unfounded accusations against Attorney's Courtney Kramer and Jared Craig with The Fitzgerald's and this investigator. The Kauffman letter was also made public in advance and is used in ongoing attempts by Wong to disseminate her disproven allegations. This establishes Modus Operandi in these litigation schemes.

On a follow up Kins called Stan Fitzgerald on 6-24-23 (Fitzgerald happened to be sitting with Jared Craig when the call came in) Kins asked for the phone of Patrick Collis and stated that she (Kins) needed protection from a "powerful" Angie Wong and wanted to alter her statements Fitzgerald assured Kins that Wong is not powerful and just a pay to play commentator, he also thanked Kins for her actions on behalf of this country and then connected this investigator with Kins. This investigator has multiple legally recorded relative phone conversations with Kins, and her Staff, establishing confirmation of these now published statements.  The undersigned recommended inquiries into possible witnesses tampering or intimidation of 96-year-old Kins who spoke of needing protection from Wong.

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For the complete investigative findings visit : https://virginiavfaf.org/news/

Fox news reports Angie Wong sued for Embezzlement and Defamation https://myfox8.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/643198619/angie-wong-former-legacy-pac-president-and-l-strategies-partner-sued-for-embezzlement-and-defamation-in-georgia/

Further connected to Gloria Kins, and in Wong's schemes, is an attempt by Wong to tie Jeffery Sisk into a false police report to discredit Sisk (see attached screen shots) Sisk is a well-known Tech world figure who states Angie Wong stole his connections and attempted to monetize his original idea's cutting Sisk out. Sisk is the person that introduced Wong to Gloria Kins.  Wong apparently learned that Sisk was warning people in the Trump network of her schemes so she attempted to accuse him of being involved with fabricated crimes.

Stan Fitzgerald

Source: Spartan Investigations - Patrick Collis
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