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Andrew Farstar, A Legally Blind Singer-Songwriter And Producer Impressed Promoters With His New Released Song Titled 'This Road'

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Andrew Farstar
Andrew Farstar smooth vocals and the symphonic music production in the song 'This Road' is simply amazing! The song is a metaphor about Farstar' s journey in life. Sometimes it can be full of obstacles and darkness, but this is the very reason we need God's light to show us the way to our destination.

HOUSTON - May 21, 2019 - EntSun -- Inspiration For Farstar' s Songwriting

Andrew Farstar began his music career in 2016. Towards the end of 2015 he was quite shaken by the death of 2 people in his life. His brother-in-law, who was in his late 50s, passed away after a long battle with cancer. At around the same time, a lady friend of Andrew also died of cancer, which she had suffered a few years.

These losses, in addition to struggles in his life such as coping with visual impairment which has left him legally blind, have reminded Farstar of how precious, and yet how short, life is. This realization has encouraged Farstar to pursue a career in music, something that he has loved since the earliest days of his childhood.

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The Meaning Of 'This Road'

"This Road" is a metaphor about our life's journey. Sometimes it can be full of obstacles and darkness, but this is the very reason we need God's light to show us the way to our destination. It is a longing for His help and guidance along the way. Trusting that His love will always carry us through anything in our life's journey is the core message of this song.

The Music Production

Musically speaking, Farstar kept hearing a melody in his head, which was the concept for the music production. He was then in contact with Greg Giacona, a Music Producer who produced the project for Farstar. He did a wonderful job translating Farstar' s musical vision into reality. Together Andrew Farstar and Greg Giacona worked closely to produce the sound of "This Road".

'This Road' is one of two songs that are not produced by Farstar on his album 'Hymns & Inspiration'. Nevertheless, the sound and style are what Farstar envisioned for his vocals and arrangement. As Greg and Farstar are inspired by the famous producer, David Foster, you will hear his influence in this song.

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Farstar Added To The Roster At Christian Music In The Spotlight

Andrew Farstar impressed music promoters at Devine Jamz Gospel Network and was provided representation on Christian Music In The Spotlight, a record label platform where only a few select recording artists are qualified to receive a featured showcase on a long-term basis.

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