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Aitutti Industrial Solutions opens online industrial store

Aitutti Industrial Solutions online store offers industrial consumable products at discounted prices to keep your business operational and functioning at a profitable level.

EntSun - Feb. 11, 2015 - CHICAGO -- Aitutti Industrial Solutions representatives of manufacturing machinery and equipment is announcing the launch of their online store providing industrial consumables.

Aitutti Industrial Solutions is providing customers with a complete one stop shop solution for machinery and industrial supplies associated with aligned equipment.  The benefit to the customer is reduced downtime and better maintenance of machinery. Our goal is to reduce your expenses with consumables and products for your business.  Aitutti Industrial Solutions understands ROI and the importance to be competitive.

Aitutti Industrial Solutions currently has industrial products for maintenance, operational wear products and consumables. Our online store is growing to suit the customer needs and has products being constantly added but for products not listed, please contact us for availability and pricing.

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Aitutti Industrial Solutions can source industrial products for your company. Aitutti Industrial Solutions benefits are for items used in bulk and/or large quantities.  For any items purchased in large quantities or for heavy usage, Aitutti Industrial Solutions has pricing programs available.  Please email us the item, any associated part number and description for us to review. In turn, Aitutti will contact you for pricing and availability.

Aitutti Industrial Solutions store can be accessed through our website at www.aitutti.com or directly at www.aitutti.myshopify.com

Aitutti Industrial Solutions can also provide implemented service programs for manufacturing machinery and equipment.  Aitutti Industrial Solutions can keep your business running, profitable and maximize production. Contact us for a tailored program.

John Carlo

Source: Aitutti Industrial Solutions

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