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7 Signs That You Need Roof Repair ASAP

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Roof structure gives off visible signs before its complete failure. A minor roof leak should be enough to get you going to avoid extensive damages to incoming water. DIY roof repairs are rarely possible as getting on the roof can be too risky.

Let us look at 7 roof repair signs that need to be addressed immediately.

1. Water Leaks
Consider sitting in your living room and a drop of water drips over your head. Isn't that daunting?  For those understand that the single drop is indicating a roof leak. A minor roof leak can be repaired effectively provided you hire a roofing company before it gets worse.

2. Excessive Gravel In Roof Gutters
Your home roof may look perfectly alright but gutters get blocked frequently. When you have to clear granules and gravel from your roof gutters every other day, something is wrong.

Most of the traditional buildings have asphalt shingle roofs. When the shingles get older or too damages, the gravel gets loose and starts to accumulate in the roof gutters.

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3. Dark Patches On The Roof
Roof condition can be assessed by walking around the house perimeter and looking for any of these signs. At times you will need to climb a ladder to observe closely.

If you are observing right after the rain, finding some wet patches is normal in the morning. These patches become a concern when they won't go away after the ground dries.

4. Cracked Shingles
The expected life of an asphalt shingle roof is 15-20 years. Most of the homeowners don't keep a record of dates but visible signs such as cracked and buckling shingles are a call. At the end of the useful life, asphalt shingles crack.

When a shingle cracks, its adhesion to the underlayment loosens and you may get to see missing shingles over the roof.

5. Roof Sagging
It is one of the most visible roof damages. A sagging roof can be due to various reasons. If a roof is too old, the mere weight of shingles can cause it to sag.

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6. Peeling Paint And Water Stains
If your house attic has poor ventilation, humidity levels can build up to an unsafe level. Moisture can cause peeling or blistering of interior and exterior paint.

Discoloration of the appearance of water stains can also be caused by a leaking roof. Replacing your roof seems to be the only solution when the problem doesn't go away.

7. High Utility Bills
You are putting in your best efforts to reduce electricity consumption in your house but still receiving high utility bills. A damaged roof can be the culprit.

If roof insulation is damaged, your HVAC system will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Hire a best roofing contractor to fix the issue.stats
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