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5 Takeaways from Marriage Story

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Divorce lawyer offers a framework to spare you from a painful divorce

LAMBERTVILLE, N.J. - EntSun -- Divorce Month ended and unhappily-married couples may still wonder whether they should stay together or move on.

Divorce lawyer Sonia Frontera recommends taking cues from "Marriage Story" as a starting point to explore the state of their union before heading to court.

"Marriage Story" is a cautionary tale that sheds light on the ugliness of divorce.

"The greatest value of 'Marriage Story' is that it provides a framework for unhappy couples to witness the traps that lead to a toxic divorce, so they can avoid them," Frontera says.

While Charlie and Nicole's marriage didn't have a happy ending, you can learn from their mistakes.

Here are five takeaways that can spare you from a painful divorce:

Evaluate whether your marriage can be saved
Charlie and Nicole's marriage could have been saved.  Maybe yours can be saved, too.

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If you still love your spouse, do not rush to a lawyer's office. Do emotional inventory first and determine if you and your partner should give your marriage one last chance.

Tackle problems early on
Do not let your marital problems fester until you can't take it anymore. Talk to your partner about the issues that trouble you and give him or her a chance to do the same.

Do not support your partner at the expense of your identity
Supporting your spouse is key to any marriage, but it should never be done at the expense of your dreams. We all deserve self-fulfillment. Make it clear to your partner that pursuing your passions is necessary for your happiness.

Do not let the divorce process control you
Even if your marriage can't be saved, you still have control over the divorce process. Do not allow reactivity and unreasonable positions stop you from reaching a fair result.

Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster and there will be times when you lose your cool. In volatile situations, step back instead of firing back. Walk away when things are getting out of control to avoid saying and doing things you will regret. When negotiating a settlement, seek solutions that make sense and lead to the highest good instead of stubbornly insisting on having your way.

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Choose your lawyers with care
There are no winners in a divorce. Before you file for divorce, investigate the reputation of your local lawyers and select one whose values align with yours.

Even with the best of intentions, not all marriages can be repaired. But practicing the above tips will increase the odds of living happily ever after—with your current spouse, in a new relationship or alone.

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Source: The Law Office of Sonia M. Frontera
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