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3 Steps to The Perfect Contour

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TORONTO - EntSun -- If make-up seems intimidating to you, you have nothing to worry about because Beauty 'N Fashion is here to help you. Through 3 easy steps, our team is here today to show how you can effectively contour! You can trust us that these three steps are easy enough for beginners to learn and follow along with as well as good for the pros to bring them back down to the basics!

The three main steps to follow for perfect contouring are based around the ideas of when you should contour, if you should use warm or cools, and lastly which type of brushes you should use. This article covers all these ideas in great details and after you finish reading through them, you will become a pro at contouring!  Let's jump in.

When Should I Apply Contour?
You should always first apply your foundation as your base and then you should add the contouring, highlight, and blush steps after. This is because the contouring, highlight, and blush steps help to add colour back to your skin after the foundation is applied. As for your eye makeup, you can basically complete that whenever you wish as it does not affect the rest of your face.  Makeup can be fun and if you know the right techniques it can help to turn your look into a flawless masterpiece!

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