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Genesis, by Geoffrey Carr, is a fictional action/adventure thriller. It is also an allegory that should worry us all, of constant surveillance, fake news and cyber warfare in a world controlled by AI.
"We've had many requests over the last few years from our loyal alumni travelers to expand or bring back our pure hiking vacations."
A modern-day tale of magic that transports the reader to a fantasy world filled with romance, family, and honor-rich characters.
You will never get out of here. - Dark Fantasy / Action - Adventure Title
When the world around us seems on the brink of disasters at the hands of neo-nationalists, terrorists and megacorporations, the new space adventure by NZ author Peter Glassborow, suggests the same concerns will be prevalent in 2221.
When a famous author and ex-con flee from the law, what's the worst that can happen?
Orphans of the Storm is an action adventure meets superheroes that is available in paperback and digital copies!
Guests can learn to hoist sails and drop anchor while exploring sun-drenched islands.
SNELLVILLE, Ga. - July 28, 2018 - -- ATLANTA, GA -  Intrigue, adventure, strange tales and symbols are all part of the action in a new book coming out this summer: Angelica Aventura and the Mystery of the Seal.
Glam Camp welcomes outdoor adventure enthusiasts with Fun & Run events throughout the year
HONOLULU - May 3, 2018 - -- Adventure VR opens in Kaka'ako a new form of entertainment at the crossroads between escape rooms, adventure, and virtual reality.