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UtilitySavingExpert.com Provides Solution for Thousands of Disenchanted, Overpaying Npower Customers

As millions battle with poor customer service, little explanation from the provider and an upcoming 10.4% hike in rates, socially-conscious comparison website – UtilitySavingExpert.com – empowers thousands to "energy switch" and flick the off-light on their Npower headaches.

CHELTENHAM, England - March 29, 2017 - EntSun -- 2016 was nothing short of a disaster for "big six" energy providers, Npower, who suffered a series of embarrassing customer service flubs that saw tens of thousands switch to their competitors. For those who did stay, the wounds are being salted after the recent announcement of a 10.4% rise in rates.

Socially-conscious comparison website UtilitySavingExpert.com is calling on those affected to switch providers before it's too late.

The website is the passionate work of social entrepreneur Chris Richards, who made his name through the launch of a council tax mediation service. In 2014, building on the relationships he fostered, Richards launched UtilitySavingExpert.com. It's the UK's first 100% independent utility comparison website, with a bold social and moral mandate.

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Richards makes the call as Npower struggle to keep up with a 22% jack in prices, blamed on rising wholesale costs and pressures brought on by the Government's "Smart Meter" policy. As with many of the leading energy suppliers, a portion of these costs are now being passed along to supposedly-valued customers, wiping out their efficiency savings.

"There's no denying that Npower have had a bad few years," explains Richards. "We're not trying to lay on the blame, but do want their customers to know that the upcoming price hike can be easily avoided by switching providers. Not only that, but many of Npower's competitors have not suffered the same backlash, or fines, due to historically-poor customer service."

Continuing, "Our website is a one-stop, free-to-use portal they can use to shop rates across all major utility providers, access a suite of other tools and resources, and ultimately put their hard-earned cash to better use. In short, we are openly calling on all Npower customers to visit us without delay, compare prices and switch before it's too late."

Time is rapidly running out for affected customers. They, and anyone else looking to save on utilities and insurance products, should visit the Utility Saving Expert website as soon as possible: http://www.utilitysavingexpert.com.

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About the Company:

Utilitysavingexpert.com Ltd. was established in 2014 by social entrepreneur Chris Richards, drawing on his experience with third sector not-for-profit organisations, specialising in helping people in debt with Local Authorities. Recognising that the majority of people helped were spending significant amounts on their utility bills, Chris wanted to do something to reduce the burden of unnecessarily high utility bills.

Utility Saving Expert started life as an energy comparison site; however, strong positive feedback from those using the site showed there was a demand to expand the site into a more comprehensive price comparison website, focussing on areas where savings could be made.

With a strong social background, many of the users of our site are referred to us by Housing Associations, Charities and even Councils to help our clients get better deals on everything from energy to life insurance.

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Main Tel: 01242 32 31 31
Email: press@utilitysavingexpert.com

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