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Toy Cars with the Quality and Durability of the Past, Designed for the Future

Enduro, the new line of high quality toy vehicles from ThoughtFull Toys are built tough, feature realistic driving mechanics and are crafted from 100% sustainable materials.

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - March 8, 2017 - EntSun -- Earlier this month, ThoughtFull Toys announced the ongoing development of Enduro, their new line of high quality toy vehicles that are designed to last for generations, by using advanced manufacturing and tough materials that are 100% sustainable, recycled, or reclaimed.

Watch the campaign video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL0yxR8vKlo

The Enduro line of toy cars pays homage to the classic, high quality, metal toy cars of the past, but adds modern manufacturing and design. The unique patented steering and suspension system delivers amazing driving mechanics. Each vehicle provides a true-to-life and hands-on driving experience.

Built with 100% sustainable materials such as aluminum, wood, and natural rubber, the finger-driven toy cars and trucks feature super durable construction. Designed for kids, loved by adults, the idea behind Enduro was to create a tough toy vehicle that can withstand the elements and be played with any place, anywhere.

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ThoughtFull Toys has made an unprecedented name for itself in the toy vehicle industry and has discovered that adults love the concept of Enduro just as much as the children. Every Enduro toy vehicle comes with a lifetime guarantee; if it breaks it will be fixed for free.

"They just don't make toy cars like this anymore, so we decided to," explained Trevor Hite, the COO of ThoughtFull Toys. "Both the Enduro Racer and Truck command attention and motivate you to actually play with them. Every major component of our vehicles has been successfully tested. They look awesome. They feel great. Most importantly, they have amazing driving mechanics that are unlike anything you've ever experienced before. We find the play experience fundamentally changes when the kids have total control over the vehicle - nearly all battery-free cars don't have real steering. With Enduro cars, you really become the driver. We are so proud of this new innovation and are excited to see it come to life."

To jump start production and development, ThoughtFull Toys launched an Enduro Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on February 20, 2017. In just one day, the campaign was highlighted by Kickstarter as a "Project they Loved" due to the high number of pledges received. More impressively, the $20,000 funding goal was achieved within the first week of launching, with 39 days of the campaign still remaining.

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ThoughtFull Toys has proudly partnered with Toys for Tots during their crowdfunding campaign and will be donating cars to less-fortunate children with every pledge. Many of their rewards include a direct match donation to the charity in the backer's name.

There are eight rewards available for individuals who pledge towards Enduro. For instance, anyone pledging over $25 is eligible to receive an Enduro Racer, whereas anyone pledging over $100 is eligible to receive an Enduro Racer, Enduro Truck, Modarri 3-Pack, Modarri Carrying Case and a Modarri car donated to Toys for Tots in the backer's name.

Once the Kickstarter campaign is complete and funds have been collected, ThoughtFull Toys will begin the manufacturing process and hopes to release the final Enduro product in July 2017. To pledge towards these 100% sustainable toy cars and to learn more about Enduro, visit the campaign page directly before it closes on April 5th.

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Source: ThoughtFull Toys

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