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The Best Types of Marking Machine for Small Business and Industries

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Small and big enterprises are currently utilizing laser marking machines to create barcodes, part numbers, or logos into their product's surfaces. Laser marking systems are popular because they allow creating marks or graphics on hard surfaces without direct contact to the surface. Laser marking systems only peel off a small amount of the top layer of surface material. Meanwhile, the traditional engraving process leaves a much deeper incision.

The traditional engraving process required physically touching a piece of metal to create marks or drawings on a surface area. With modern laser engraving processes, it only peels off a small amount of top layers by burning the surface area with heat that is produced from laser beams. So, it will produce clean, fast, and accurate results.

Sample types of marking machines that are ideal for small business and industries:

CNC Engraving Machines

One of the examples of CNC engraving machines from HeatSign is The HeatSign's 1325 CNC Engraving Machine. This machine uses 3 Axis Control Motor and is ideal for many purposes. The machine is able to mark, engrave, mill, and 3d cutting on many surfaces, including woods and metals.

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Laser Marking System

Laser Marking System produces speedy and precise marking results. It is used in many industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Military, Electronic, and Medical. The laser marking system is ideal for creating small markings on a component's surface area. It is usually used for barcodes, parts numbers, 2d data matrix, logos, date, and many others. Modern Laser Marking System could mark on metal surfaces with a certain depth.

Portable HandHeld Inkjet Printer

Portable HandHeld Inkjet Printer is ideal for printing barcode, batch numbers, QR codes on a package, or other materials, such as metal, glass, ceramics, plastic, cardboard, and many more. This device is a one-stop solution for efficiency and portable printer needs.

Dot Peen Marking

Dot Peen Marking system is available in many types and ideal for direct labeling on metal parts. Dot Pin Marking machine is equipped with built-in software and doesn't need an external computer to operate.

About HeatSign

HeatSign is a company that specializes in providing customized marking solutions. They are able to provide a big CNC Engraving machine to the portable handheld inkjet printer. The company prioritizes its customers' satisfaction by providing a fast and accurate shipment for their marking machine and warranty to its machines. HeatSign also has over ten years of experience providing top-level marking solutions for Industrial, as well as the best customer service for its clients. For more information, please visit www.heatsign.com.
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