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Sussex Im Breaks Ground On New Advanced Manufacturing Facility

SUSSEX, Wis. - Aug. 4, 2016 - EntSun -- SussexIM has announced groundbreaking on the company's new 158,000-square-foot advanced manufacturing facility, which – along with the company's dedication to scientific injection molding – will benefit customers, industry partners and the local Sussex, Wisconsin community.

The new facility – scheduled for March 2017 operation – will serve as a close-by adjunct to the company's Sussex headquarters, fully integrating custom injection molding, blow molding, assembly, decoration, and fulfillment operations.

"This is a significant investment in our business that reflects our recent string of successes for our customers," said company CEO Keith Everson. "When our customers win, SussexIM wins, as evidenced by our remarkable five-year record of double-digit company growth – and our equally optimistic expectations for future growth."

In terms of employment, at full capacity, 200 new employees will be hired to staff the new facility, with an initial hire of 40 new members of the SussexIM family. The facility manager will be Philip Salzman, Vice President – Operations.

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According to Everson, "Our new facility represents the expansion of what we think of as 'The SussexIM Advantage.' The customer-centric design of this new resource rests upon two foundation points. First, this is an 'Advanced Manufacturing Facility.' Two, we remain committed to 'Scientific Injection Molding.'"

Advanced Manufacturing refers to the company's ability to apply science and technology and, thus, improve customers' most innovative and complex products and processes. The end results of this approach are enhanced quality, time-to-market, and cost reduction.

Scientific Injection Molding refers to the delivery of faster molding cycles, higher yields, and a more robust molding process, by focusing on the material in the mold, rather than on the machine. Better parts, fewer rejects, improved supply chain efficiency -- it's an approach that holds obvious benefits to SussexIM customers.

These two foundational elements require the utmost employee effort, dedication and focus, as does commitment to Lean Manufacturing, in-house automation design, clean room capability and advanced decoration techniques.

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"Our new SussexIM manufacturing center will further enhance our ability to deliver a quality, U.S.-made product that competes price-wise with offshore manufacturers," Everson said.

"This new facility, along with our engaged, motivated production team, and customer-first approach to service and project management, furthers our ability to keep costs down, be nimble and anticipate/react to customer needs," he added.


SussexIM is a full-service, fully automated supplier that solves problems to satisfy consumer needs. The company's capabilities include B-to-B and, now, B-to-C – with the addition of its new Sussex Brands division. Customers benefit from its ability to accelerate time-to-market, thanks to the company's streamlined decision-making capabilities and shortened supply chains.

SussexIM's end-to-end suite of services extends from product design to warehousing. Importantly, the company has extensive automation design capabilities and an in-house, dedicated staff of automation engineers.

SussexIM, founded in 1977, has experienced annual double-digit growth over the last five years. For further information, visit http://www.sussexim.com.


Source: SussexIM

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