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Scandinavian nature on a roll at Scandinavian Wallpaper - Eco Wallpaper launches its Nature collection

Misty mountains, slender elm leaves, light feathers and marbled walls. The new collection ECO-NATURE brings Scandinavian nature to the forefront.

NEW YORK - Jan. 11, 2017 - EntSun -- Mist-clad mountains that soar in the living room, light green leaves that spring up behind the bed, and soft geometric wood surfaces that line the walls with a natural stillness.
"We live high-paced lives, which makes it nice to come home to an environment where we can enjoy some peace and quiet and recharge our batteries in the same way that we would out in nature," says Noomi Spange, Designer at Eco Wallpaper.

Eco Nature is a feathery light, naturally playful Scandinavian collection produced through painstaking craftsmanship.

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"Nature is always very present in my design process, and I often take strength and inspiration from forests and the countryside. When working on this collection, I got even closer to nature, working with small details that have come to play a large role in the patterns," says Spange.

Nature's small wonders have a clear place in the collection. Expansive misty mountains, slender elm leaves, light feathers and marbled walls: Eco Nature brings Scandinavian nature combined with new, exciting and urban elements to the forefront.
"The designs will fit in well in tranquil, rural homes, but will also work as a contrast in modern urban apartments," concludes Spange.

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