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RompHim Makes it's Return with New Summer 2021 Fashion

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The best-selling male romper brand has found its home with Tipsy Elves and launches a new collection of fun and unique styles.

LOS ANGELES - EntSun -- The viral fashion trend RompHim (https://www.romphim.com/) is back this summer with more styles and patterns to have you looking your best. Making its original debut in 2017, RompHim took the world by storm. The trend-setting romper credited not only style but comfort a priority for summer style. Once people caught on, there was no stopping the conversation around this unique and stylish product, eventually becoming a viral topic. Everyone had opinions on the fashion-forward pieces, as friends, family, and even beloved celebs were captured wearing RompHims. The trend soon caught on around the world with confident men began wearing RompHims to the beach, BBQs, music festivals, and more.

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At a time when fashion designers and millennials were eagerly breaking down gender norms, the time seemed ripe for the male romper to make a comeback. RompHim teamed up with Shark Tank's Tipsy Elves (https://www.tipsyelves.com/), the popular apparel brand responsible for the ugly Christmas sweater trend, to help the brand stay true to their most-loved prints, and help create new ones as well. Together, the brands are releasing RompHim's classic prints, along with new styles for RompHim lovers to get excited about. From Pride RompHim patterns to rubber ducks and everything in-between, there's a style out there for anyone looking for a bold, new look this summer.

Check out the 2021 collection of RompHim here (https://www.tipsyelves.com/romphim)!

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