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Rising Artist LIL WIZZY Creates a Sensation through His Eclectic Musicality

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Los Angeles,  Jun 12, 2018 (Issuewire) - Emo rap is a sub genre of hip hop which has been trending since the 2000s. It is also known as emo hip hop which is noted to deviate from the traditional mainstream hip hop and it mainly revolves around emotional and personal issues such as depression, loneliness, anxiety, nihilism, depression and the like. There are many artists who are working with this fascinating music genre, but nobody comes close to this versatile and very creative artist named LIL WIZZY. This young 14 year old artist who is also known as JACK Wei$Berg is from Los Angeles, United States whose originality and innovativeness in his music has been grabbing quite the attention worldwide.

LIL WIZZY is all set to rock the world through his unique musicality. He mainly specializes in hip hop and rap as well as emo rap music genres. He brings for the music fans a stunning set of music tracks which smash their way into your life with a lot of colour and vibrancy. They are remarkably well-crafted throw off a sense of intense emotion, artistry as well as professionalism in equal parts. The tracks of his musician is very well-written with a lot of passion and special attention to details that feels far more than anything that is simply meant to entertain.

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His tracks like All you need -LIL WIZZY (Prod. ThatboiDJ), dying *UNFINISHED* -LIL WIZZY and 22 -LIL WIZZY (Prod. sawyeerrr) offer thick drum-line, catchy and minimalist beats and hooks and the complex and the dark and seductive soundscape which mesmerizes you right from the start. As far as song writing is concerned, it is refreshingly unique and addictive. The arrangement of each element and the evolution of melody is very infectious and it hits you hard.

For his latest releases, follow him on SoundCloud and Instagram.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/lilwizzy77/all-you-need-lil-wizzy

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackweisbb/

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