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Orequo: The artistic innovation in Made in Italy

BOLOGNA, Italy - Nov. 16, 2017 - EntSun -- Those who think about Italy think of the sun, the landscapes, the wonderful cooking, but, above all, the passion that is fed in this peninsula, the one of the entrepreneurs who work there and the one that often generates masteries.

Across the centuries our country has established itself in the field of fashion and luxury thanks to the use of precious materials and refined taste that made the so-called "Made in Italy" an excellence.

In each silk scarf, satin skirt, leather shoe there is a unique work of prepared hands, but not only that: in fact, it is not to be underestimated the idea, the stage before the realization, because the Italian genius is also in designing new forms, rearranging the old ones and creating harmonies that generate multiple emotions through different senses, first of all touch and sight.

The continuous reinventing and looking to the future, taking inspiration from the past, and therefore the neverending innovation, both in ideas and raw material, is one of the strong points of Italian brands.

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In the last few years, new startups have emerged, bringing the unmistakable sign of "Italianness", that of love for what is beautiful in every person born in this country.

We are talking about various projects that can be distinguished by the quality of the materials and the care with which they are processed.

Among all Orequo, a brand new in the field of fashion and luxury, which raises the value of local handicrafts by merging the traditional Italian manufactory with artistic innovation.

In fact, its pochette is produced in Como, a city known for being the realm of textile, but design and research have been developed in Bologna.

The peculiarity of these small precious objects consists in being conceived as if they were paintings framed by the same package.

Here, the Italian fashion is brought up to a true work of art to carry always with you, perhaps in the pocket of your jacket!

Find out more at https://www.orequo.com

Fabrizio Cucinella

Source: Orequo
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