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Oh Hail! Dealing with Hailstorm Damage on Your Vehicle

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Hail Damage Leaves Big Repair Bills
Helpful Hints from Auto Glass Now: Prevent Damage If Possible,
Have a Repair Plan in Place to Get Back on the Road

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - EntSun -- During the spring, hailstorms can pop up out of nowhere just like dandelions, and inflict thousands of dollars of vehicle damage in their wake with dented hoods and roofs, broken windshields, and sunroofs and rain-soaked interiors.

Auto Glass Now, one of the fastest growing glass repair and replacement companies, offers drivers tips to protect their vehicle against the set of unique challenges hailstorms bring.

Damage prevention is key
  • Check the weather to see if storms are in the forecast – hail often accompanies thunderstorms and changing temperatures.
  • Have a safe place to store your vehicle – park your car in the garage or under a carport and if these aren't available, find a parking garage nearby.
  • If you're on the road and a storm is imminent, find a parking garage, bank drive-through or bridge to park under until the storm passes.
  • If you don't have a covered location, a car cover or even blankets can help soften the impact of the hail against your vehicle's glass and metal surfaces.

"Hailstorms are one of the biggest causes of damage to vehicles," said Nick Ouimet, president of Auto Glass Now. "They can come up suddenly, and if you're on the road or your vehicle is parked in a lot somewhere, there's very little you can do to protect yourself and your vehicle. The key is watching the weather during hail season and having a plan in place."

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If damage occurs, have a repair plan in place.
  • Take photos to document any damage to your vehicle's glass, body panels, and interior.
  • Contact your insurance agent and/or adjustor to facilitate getting repairs done as soon as possible – the sooner you file your claim the sooner your vehicle can be scheduled for repair.
  • Have a repair partner in mind – you have the right to choose your repair partner, not your insurance company, and you'll want someone nearby who is experienced and certified for your vehicle make
  • Get your glass replaced first – you can drive your vehicle with dented panels but can't legally drive it with a broken windshield. You can have your auto glass replaced even if your insurance agent or adjuster hasn't assessed the damage yet, as long as you keep receipts and photos.

"Getting your vehicle's glass replaced quickly is the fastest way to get back on the road, even if your vehicle's body is damaged," added Ouimet. "At Auto Glass Now, we have hundreds of local locations ready to replace your glass and our mobile units can come to you to service your vehicle, wherever you are. Not only do we replace the glass, our trained technicians thoroughly vacuum the glass and debris from inside the vehicle. What's important is protecting you if you have to drive the vehicle and protecting the vehicle from further damage."

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Prepare your vehicle for repair
  • After you assess your vehicle's condition, the clean-up begins – wear heavy gloves and use a shop vac or broom and dustpan to remove as mush glass as possible. Remove your personal items and electronics to see if any of those are damaged.
  • If your front windshield is broken, do not drive the vehicle. This is unsafe and illegal.
  • If it is necessary to drive with broken glass, always wear glasses (for eye protection in case any glass flies in the vehicle).
  • Place comforter on vehicle seat to prevent puncture to skin.

If the vehicle has severely damaged glass, Auto Glass Now offers crash wrap services at its locations.  Customers can book appointment for Auto Glass Now technicians to crash wrap the vehicle in anticipation of glass replacement.

Auto Glass Now teams cover the United States from California to Florida with the best value combination of fast, reliable, convenient service, technologically advanced repairs and ADAS calibration. These new and remodeled facilities feature bright, welcoming customer service lobbies, the latest tools and equipment, and each Auto Glass Now location has a team of highly trained experts in repair, replacement and ADAS calibration. For service, call 1-888.4.FIX.GLASS.

Visit AutoGlassNow.com to learn more.

Deborah Robinson, Ross Robinson Communications

Source: Auto Glass Now
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