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New Online Resource For Diagnosing Your Headache or Facial Pain

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ABPN (American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology) certified neurologist also a UCNS (United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties) certified Diplomat in headache medicine creat headache or facial pain diagnosis online tool Virtual Headache Specialist™.

There are a tremendous amount of patients suffering with debilitating headache and facial pain disorders. Unfortunately, there are very few headache specialists available to help them. This makes access to appropriate care for proper diagnosis and treatment very difficult, and many times impossible. This results in prolonged suffering without clear answers or direction, and a poor quality of life affecting personal, family, social, and work life. The purpose of Virtual Headache Specialist™ is to help alleviate the lack of access to a headache specialist, as well as provide information and guidance to you and your physician in the possible diagnoses, education, and common treatments of your possible headache or facial pain disorder.

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Virtual Headache Specialist™ is a diagnostic tool that begins with interactive graphics to focus on where your pain is located. This is followed by a series of detailed and specific questions, based on the location and pattern of your pain. These questions simulate the questions and interview techniques done in the office with a headache specialist as they attempt to narrow in on the most likely headache or facial pain diagnostic possibilities, provided to you in a ranked order. Virtual Headache Specialist™ evaluates for all primary headache and facial pain disorders (due to the headache or facial pain condition itself and not from another cause), and some secondary headache and facial pain disorders (due to another underlying condition of which headache or facial pain is a symptom).

Virtual Headache Specialist™ aims to help patients who do not have access to a headache specialist gain some expertise and insight into possible diagnoses, treatments, and other education regarding their possible types of headache or facial pain. The Internet can be a scary and frustrating place without clear direction of what you are searching for, and self-diagnosis almost always equates to misdiagnosis and unnecessary worry and anxiety. This tool will hopefully help decrease the ongoing burden of improperly treated headache and facial pain disorders resulting from a lack of headache specialist access and expertise. Virtual Headache Specialist™ attempts to provide expertise and direction for headache and facial pain disorders from the comfort of home without having to travel many miles out of state or country and spend excessive amounts of money to see a headache expert. The information obtained can be printed out for your personal education, and can be taken to your doctor to help guide him/her to more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatment decisions.stats

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