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Mobile IV Hydration Therapy: Making Health Convenient

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. - Oct. 4, 2017 - EntSun -- IV therapy is an indispensable tool for preventive care and rehydration. Dehydration results in the loss of valuable nutrients through depletion of fluids. These fluids contain vitamins, minerals, and dissolved salts called electrolytes, essential to proper bioelectrical regulation of many important cellular processes. When treating mild cases of dehydration, it may be enough to drink water and other fluids containing electrolytes, however, treatment of moderate to severe cases of dehydration may require IV therapy.

The Hydration Room has long provided IV therapy for proper hydration and other integrative health needs and we believe that mobile IV therapy is the next step in our commitment to offering convenient health solutions. There is no longer a need for emergency rooms or trips to medical facilities for IV therapy.

It is easy to become mildly dehydrated. Drinking an excessive amount of dehydrating fluids like alcohol and coffee, eating a standard american diet (SAD) high in sodium, and just not replacing fluids after vigorous exercise can slowly deplete electrolyte stores. Alcohol can quickly recycle through the system taking vitamins and minerals with it. While coffee is good for the skin, too much of it can dehydrate the system. Unlike other major illnesses, slight dehydration may not present obvious symptoms.  It can, however, contribute to future health issues down the road. Ever had a headache that went away upon drinking a bottle of water? What about a time when you got a slight rush of energy from having mineral water? It was likely a case of slight dehydration and increasing nutrient depletion. A dehydrated body cannot function properly in comparison to a hydrated one, and will experience lower immunity due to lack of bioelectrical regulation and poor nutrient stores.

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Mobile IV hydration therapy offers rapid and effective fluid replacement. Especially when living within an urban environment, it is easy to forget how essential hydration is to maintaining health. Cities are not an environment to forget your daily fluid intake! Crowded cities give bodies a merry-go-round of toxins to eliminate thanks to poor environmental quality of air, water, and even food. Any quick to trip to an urban metropolis can confirm that restaurants line the block, and getting a home-cooked meal may not be the most convenient activity. In fact, dehydration can create cravings for foods that are high in sugar content due to the liver's inability to produce glycogen. This is the very environment where mobile IV therapy is most needed.

Even for those not living within urban environments, hydration is critical to health - even while on-the-go! Good hydration has been linked to more efficient cellular regulation, a youthful appearance, and even a better mood! An improved arsenal of vitamins and minerals also means a better management of energy levels. Chronic dehydration can result in dry-skin, premature wrinkles, blemishes, and poor aging in addition to more serious health problems. Although costly topical creams and ointments make claims to remedy many skin problems, they will not work on the internal nutrient deficiencies causing them; healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy body.

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Mobile IV therapy brings certified IV professionals to you. Our IV hydration therapy improves the hydration levels beyond the body's oral capability. Mobile IV therapy delivers high levels of nutrients and vitamins to you, bypassing the stomach and intestines. Not only do high levels of vitamin C or magnesium trigger feelings of nausea or upset stomach, they are not optimally absorbed through oral administration.

Our certified IV therapy staff are able to deliver a variety of IV therapy treatments to suit any of your integrative health needs. Give us a call today.

Source: The Hydration Room

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