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MMT NeuroTech Battles to Stop Alzheimer's Disease

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Researchers seeking solutions to eliminate Alzheimer's disease (ALZ) before it even starts

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. - Oct. 15, 2015 - EntSun -- MMT Neurotech announced initial development of a clinical protocol for early identification and preventive treatment of pre-clinical Alzheimer's Disease (ALZ).   Their new clinical trial protocol will verify two recent and very critical concepts in ALZ Clinical Research: that the development of Alzheimer's Disease can be predicted in individuals who do not have current memory impairment and that using preventative treatment in these individuals at risk for ALZ can stop development of the disease.

Dr. Donald Marks, founder and Chief Science Officer, explains the reasoning behind the plans: " There have been a number of attempts to treat Alzheimer's in the midst of the disease with limited success.  While we must continue to develop drug therapies that will help existing patients, one of the most successful approaches to disease in medicine is prevention.   With MMT's neuroimaging approaches to identify early brain changes, it is possible to predict the future development of ALZ in a cognitively normal but high risk individual at least 18-48 months before any symptoms of memory loss develop.  We can then initiate early, preventative treatment for these cognitively normal individuals at high risk of developing  ALZ, which may prevent progression to symptomatic cognitive impairment. "

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MMT NeuroTech is collaborating with a non-profit health care group and an expanded group of physicians experienced in diagnosing and treating ALZ along with their experienced fMRI centers in the conduct of this protocol.

"Alzheimer's Disease is a devastating problem for individuals and their families", indicates Dr. Steven Levy, CEO of MMT Neurotech.  "The number of ALZ patients is expected to grow 40% by 2025 with the total Americans with the disease projected to increase to 13.8 million.  Many people do not know that 1 in 3 Seniors can expect to die of Alzheimer's Disease or another dementia- and the cost of caring for patients is expected to rise from $226 Billion to over $1 Trillion by 2050.  MMT posits that prevention will be a vital tool in reducing the impact of ALZ.   With their newest protocols, MMT believes it should be possible to prevent or slow the development of the disease. "

MMT Neurotech is commercializing neuroimaging for a number of clinical conditions including objectively documenting the presence of pain for personal injury cases and disability claims, establishing fibromyalgia, identifying depression and suicidal ideation, monitoring for deception or lie detection with greater than 90% accuracy, real-time memory recordings, as well as providing the earliest possible diagnosis and therefore treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders and pre-Alzheimer's disease.

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For more information about MMT.Neurotech and this study contact: Steven Levy MD  SL@MilMag.net  or Donald H. Marks MD PhD DHM@MilMag.net    MMT NeuroTech www.MilMag.net  is a New Jersey / Connecticut neurotechnology company which commercializes disruptive neuroimaging technologies to image thought.

Steven Levy MD

Source: MMT Neurotech
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