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Introducing Vikk & Co.'s Original Collection

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Luxury Men's Shoe Company, With Hand-Crafted Shoes from Italy, Is Ready to Share Its Vision with the World

MIAMI - Feb. 18, 2019 - EntSun -- Vikk & Co., a Luxury Men's Shoe Company is ready to share its vision with the world. For the past year, Vikk & Co. has been researching, planning, and designing luxury men's footwear to introduce to its clients. While it's headquarter is in Miami, each pair of Vikk & Co shoes are hand-crafted in Veneto Region of Italy.

It is no secret that Italy is known for its good leather and huge footwear industry, but that is not enough. Vikk & Co. is working with highly qualified and experienced craftsmen in Veneto region to ensure the great quality, look and comfort of its products.

"Quality is a top priority for us, no question about that", says Souren Badikyan, Owner & President of Vikk & Co., "We believe that simplicity is key. With our classic and elegant looks we also prioritize comfort. Every pair of shoes is crafted with care and expertise to ensure total satisfaction from our clients."

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The idea for the company was not too hard to come up with for Mr. Badikyan, as he is himself a 3rdgeneration shoe-craft enthusiast.

"As a kid, I remember watching my grandfather working with leather and shoes, and I remember being so fascinated with the process of stitching, hand-coloring and bringing the look together. It is an honor to continue what our grandfathers have passed on to us. This is something we are very passionate about and hope that will show through our products," says Badikyan.

Vikk & Co. is currently in the process of introducing its Original Collection to the clients. You can find them on their Social Media accounts @Vikk_Co and website at www.Vikkco.com.
Preorders, as well as the Original Collection will be available to customers very soon. Stay tuned not to miss the chance to get your pair.

Anush Tumasyan
Vikk & Co

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