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Intelligent SkinSense Received The Beauty Industry's New Mark of Excellence

Consumers want Made in USA, but who qualifies has been vague and misleading.

PHILADELPHIA - April 24, 2017 - EntSun -- Made in USA is a highly sought after quality for beauty products due to consumer demand. Intelligent SkinSense is proud to deliver this and to receive the American Made Beauty seal. Marlene Katz, who founded Intelligent SkinSense, used her experience as an herbalist to source ingredients and manufacture products in the U.S.A. so she could oversee all production. She says, "it was a natural transgression to work with AmericanMadeBeauty.com, the only third

party verification service specializing in beauty".

Intelligent SkinSense received verification that they earned the Made In America requirements for both Federal and the State of California. Validation seals are awarded for products and brands that are born in America, headquartered here, and are physically mixed or made in qualified cosmetic manufacturing facilities that meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.  It also requires that they meet FDA and FTC for labeling requirements that allow consumers to make informed choices and that 80% or greater of the retail value of each product comes from elements sourced in America.

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Intelligent SkinSense takes pride in making American Made products, which also use indigenous Native American herbs and botanicals. The American Made Beauty seals stamp of approval will now be prominent on the packaging and website.

Intelligent SkinSense
Marlene Katz

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