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How to print boarding pass for American airlines flight?

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American airline is a major airline and offers various services to its customers.  There are number of ways to print the boarding pass- on the airport through kiosk machine, using computer or by choosing mobile also. You must read below points to know about the printing methods of boarding pass.

How to print boarding pass for American airlines flight?

American airlines provide number of ways to board the pass. The various ways to board the pass is as follows:

At Airport Kiosk:

·        You must reach the airport before 90 minutes to the flight departure. Ask for the American Airlines kiosks and click on the touch screen.

·        For verification purpose, scan your passport or ID under the kiosk scanner. Enter your confirmation code and your name.

·        Take your boarding pass in the kiosk dispensing slot. Go to the gate for your flight departure.

Using Computer:

·        Open the American Airlines website and choose Retrieve Travel Documents option.

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·        Now, you have to enter you confirmation code for the flight, your first and last name. Click on enter. Pick up the Print Boarding Pass option.

·        Tap the Print function and you should wait for the printer to produce the boarding pass.

Choosing the Mobile Option:

You can use mobile options for boarding the pass. The option is available for both international as well as the domestic destinations.

·        To get a mobile boarding pass, please check in online during the 24-hour period before the flight's departure.

·        Select your preferred delivery option for boarding pass.

·        The mobile boarding pass is sent on your email or phone number.

·        If you choose the mobile option, take a screenshot of the boarding pass if in case internet doesn't work on the airport.

It is easy to book the ticket using American airlines reservations. If you need help, contact to American airlines customer service. You even approach to help desk to clear all your queries. They are ready to help you.stats
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