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Go Wood Inc introduces walnut wood wayfarer sunglasses with blue mirrored lenses

After the successful launch of the Go Wood's wayfarer style sunglasses with walnut legs, they now added a new variation to this style: same pair with walnut wood legs, but with blue mirrored lenses.

Oct. 13, 2017 - EntSun -- Canadian based company Go Wood is yet again expanding on the trend of the popular classic wayfarer style sunglasses. "Since the last introduction of the walnut wood classic wayfarers we have seen a complete shift in popularity towards darker woods," says the company's spokesperson. He continues: "However, also blue lenses are very popular for some time now, so it was only common sense to combine the two into a new style: walnut wood legs and blue mirrored lenses".

According to the company the difference in lenses makes no difference in quality. The blue mirrored lenses are also polarized and protect against harmful UV rays and are labelled UV400 protective. The company states they are FDA approved for the US, which means they can withstand accidantal impacts, as well as European Certified with the CE label under the PPE directive, where the lenses fall in Category 3. The company's spokesman added: "This basically means that our sunglasses' lenses are safe for the biggest markets in the world: North America and Europe."

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Go Wood further stated that the blue mirrored polarized lenses are generally lighter to look through compared to the regular dark grey lenses. According to them, it is a matter of personal taste. To test out the markets, Go Wood has now launched this new variation to the Canadian market first and said it will continue to expand its line on the American market as well in the near future.

Their latest style can be seen here:

Source: Go Wood Inc
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