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A Global MS Problem with a Simple Answer: Eat Real Food

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SYDNEY - EntSun -- A Global MS Problem with a Simple Answer: Eating Real Food

The Food Medicine Diet is the Easiest MS Diet to Stick to

Between 2017 and 2021, the number of people in Australia diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) increased by 30 percent.
According to the University of Tasmania, "MS is rising and accelerating. There are now 33,335 people diagnosed with the debilitating autoimmune condition in Australia."
MS is thought to be an autoimmune disease in which the body mistakenly attacks its own myelin, which is the fatty insulation protecting nerves in the brain and spinal cord.

While treatments have improved considerably over the last decade, many believe it's a western lifestyle disease and treat it with an MS diet.

The problem is that there are several MS diets and they are restrictive and complicated. Until now.

Danielle Spinks-Earl has had MS since 1998 when she was doing officer training in the Army Reserve. She was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 2003.

"The importance of having a high-quality diet to manage the disease is now well established in the medical literature," said Danielle.

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"The problem is that there's not one recommended diet for people with MS. I've distilled the evidence into something simple and sustainable so people with MS can stop worrying about what they should or shouldn't eat."

The diet called the Food Medicine Diet for MS contains five rules. It shows how Danielle was able to achieve NEDA (no evidence of disease activity) after more than a decade, without medication.

"The diet is evidence-based and designed to stop MS flareups, reduce the inflammation in the body, and reverse many of the symptoms by repairing damaged myelin," she said.

"I have a textbook case of MS. Despite what I was told, I believed diet would help me to stay healthy for longer."

She says it took years of trial and error and research to formulate the diet. "I believe in Occam's Razor that the simplest answer is usually the correct one," she said.

"It had to be simple or I knew I wouldn't stick to it. This is not a diet you go on and then get off, you stick to it for life so it had to be easy."

The Food Medicine Diet for MS (https://bestlifewithms.gumroad.com/l/food-medicine-diet-for-ms) is a short video course with no tests. It's available on the website bestlifewithms.com

Danielle Spinks-Earl

Source: Best Life with MS

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