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Financial Analyst Terry Sacka Probes Factors Creating Current Bull Market Cycles

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The current U.S. bull market has been running strong for so long that many investors are now fearful of losing their substantial profits and have been tempted to cash in while their stock portfolios are up.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - July 12, 2018 - EntSun -- On a recent episode of the Wealth Transfer show, Mr. Sacka opened with a chart detailing "Historical Economic Recoveries" which average 41 months and explaining, "I believe we are in a cyclical economic recovery very similar to 2008 where we may be secular in a bull market but we will eventually see a cyclical bear. Depending on how the world handles it, there could be a 40% - 50% correction."

This and more charts can be seen in the video below:

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He detailed evidence that suggests there are many financial advisors whose job is to hard sell clients away from physical assets such as gold and silver and place them in fiat-based investments such as stocks and mutual funds.

He went on to say, "In regards to physical and tangible assets, when you own it you own it, it's not in a bank, it's not in a brokerage, it physically belongs to you and offers you protection from downward economic market cycles which usually have an inverse relationship with metals."

About Terry Sacka
Terry Sacka, AAMS is the founder of Cornerstone Asset Metals, a dealer in natural resources (precious metals to be specific), and offers gold, silver and other precious metals backed IRAs, backed by real physical, tangible hard assets, not paper investments. Mr. Sacka has been quoted several times by some of the most respected financial publications, such as Investor's Business Daily, Institutional Investor and the Wikipedia page "Silver as an Investment".

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Through Cornerstone Mint, Cornerstone Asset Metals sells Cornerstone Crowns, the only Hallmarked .9999 LBMA/COMEX/Shanghai Certified Judeo-Christian Fine Silver Coins available. Precious metals are a hedge against a declining stock market and U.S. Dollar falling in value.


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