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Faithful Chics Boutique and Owner, Crystal Perkins, Celebrate Two Years

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - May 5, 2016 - EntSun -- Christian clothing designer, Crystal Perkins, owner of Faithful Chics Boutique, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, is preparing to celebrate the two year anniversary of Faithful Chics Boutique.

Crystal Perkins launched her faith-based apparel line two years ago to a global market to encourage, inspire, and share God's message. Perkins, who launched the brand after experiencing a great deal of hardship, decided her testimony could be utilized with her apparel and unique faith-filled branding to spread God's word in a fun and engaging way. Faithful Chics Boutique remixes pop culture adages and idioms. Giving them a faith-filled twist made shirts like 'Wake, Pray, Slay,' 'Faith on Fleek,' or 'I'm Blessed,'  instant hits among consumers who have fallen in love with a brand that makes their faith feel both cool, and empowering.

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Owner of of Faithful Chics Boutique, Crystal Perkins, is a woman who is driven, lives by her abiding faith in God and conducts herself with style and grace. Since her childhood, she has always had the desire to help others and the drive to succeed. Crystal holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and a Master's Degree in Counseling. She has committed her life to helping, encouraging, and inspiring those who cross her path.

Aside from promoting her clothing line, Crystal Perkins gives back through speaking engagements and participating in charity events. Most recently she participated in the ninth annual Designers Choice Fashion Preview in Little Rock, Arkansas. At the show, she was on hand to help the Timmons Arts Foundation raise money to provide grants, musical instruments, and art supplies to schools and programs around the metro area.

For more information about Crystal Perkins, Faithful Chics Boutique, and its celebration of two years, follow @faithfulchics on Instagram or contact PRDirector@iGNPR.com.

Source: Faithful Chics Boutique

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