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EnerTrac Corp Introduces the most powerful 10 inch Scooter motor Available today

With our Liquid Cooling Technology, EnerTrac has solved the always present problem of overheating in outrunner style hub motors.

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. - March 28, 2017 - EntSun -- EnerTrac Corp. is introducing the first true Liquid cooled Scooter hub motor designed to be sealed and work under all environmental conditions. All Scooter motors today are air cooled and have had a terrible problem of overheating. A global product designed to work in the heat of Saudi Arabia and the often 120 plus degrees of India's summers must be liquid cooled and must be extremely reliable.

20KW continuous @ 100 volts 200Amps
30KW Peak
Max voltage 160 / nominal 144

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Max RPM 1500

EnerTrac has engineered the most reliable hub motor system by conquering the one element that destroys all motors - heat. EnerTrac Corp. worked for years perfecting a liquid cooling system, and offers this option in its complete product line.

The EnerTrac Corp. line of Motorcycle Hub motors has since 2009 stood the test of time and miles. Liquid cooling allows for twice the power output and environmental freedom to mount the motor in any configuration without concern for airflow over the motor for cooling.

The SC-602-LQ Scooter hub motor also uses Magnetic Ferrofluid to draw heat away from the magnets and into the Liquid cooling system.

The SC-602-LQ represents the most advanced outrunner hub motor on the market today.

Media Contact
Mark Gelbien

Source: EnerTrac Corp.

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