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Ebola Outbreak shuts down China Oil Field

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China National Offshore Oil Corporation a Chinese firm licensed to operate the Kingfisher oil field has halted activities due to an Ebola outbreak.

ALBANY, N.Y. - EntSun -- Reports from the area indicate that the said patient who reported to the Health Center with Ebola-like symptoms vomiting blood, high fever and having explosive diarrhea the deceased eblola patient was a Congolese National who had crossed to Uganda for treatment.

Bukenya while speaking to Earthfinds says the workers will return to the field once the Ministry of Health and other partners assure them that the place is free of Ebola. CNOOC Uganda, that has a camp in the area, has since closed off any outsiders and instructed all its staff to stay within the camp.

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Dr Joseph Kobusheshe, the Director Environment, ICT and Data Management in his communication to all the Authority's staff says the victim was a fisherman living within the area.

This Ebola outbreak is currently spreading and now a Chinese Oil Field is being quarantined and the workers have been exposed to ebola virus.

The current Ebola outbreak has killed several thousands people and WHO declared Ebola virus a worldwide ebola outbreak crisis.

Ebola Outbreak Map . Com


Ebola Outbreak Map . Com

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