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Demetria Smtih for Texas Governor

Demetria Smith will Bring Transparency and Accountability to Government

AUSTIN, Texas - Sept. 22, 2017 - EntSun -- Houston native, Demetria Smith is running for Texas governor because she is passionate about protecting the constitutional rights of all the state's citizens.  She is dedicated to taking power out of the hands of elected officials and putting it back into the hands of the people.  Her job is to bring transparency and accountability back to government.

Smith is a strong, viable candidate who resonates with voters. She is very authentic in character and in her message.  She is the candidate that can take Texas to the top of the Democratic ticket and turn it into a blue state.

Smith classifies herself as an "independent democrat."  She filed her candidacy over two months ago and the Texas Democratic Party has yet to acknowledge her even though they have not chosen anyone to run against the incumbent governor, Greg Abbott.

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Smith says she can take him on.

Smith believes everyone could achieve the American Dream of owning a home, if property taxes in Texas were more affordable.  Instead, minorities cannot qualify for homeownership and the working middle class is being pushed out of their communities due to the skyrocketing property tax rates.

From her own experience as a mortgage broker, Smith knows the more home ownership there is in the State of Texas the more revenue it can generate and relieve some of the load off taxpayers.

Smith will also work with the private sector to bring jobs to the jobless.  She will partner with the education departments to make higher learning more affordable so the people of Texas can gain skills and earn living wages.

Finally, she will be a tireless advocate for millennials, who leave college making an average annual salary of about $20,000, despite needing about $70,000 to enjoy a decent quality of life in Texas.   Smith will develop programs that make it possible for them to afford housing by collaborating with private business and government to fashion a more inclusive economy that works for all.

Demetria Smith is a smart and innovative candidate for Texas governor who can get the job done.  Her official campaign kickoff will be on October 14, 2017 at 7pm, Ranae's Homestyle Restaurant & Bar, 1672 Cypress Creek Pkwy. Houston, TX 77090.

Facebook:  Demetria.smith.129

Twitter:  dsmith9550

Instagram: Demetria.s92

Keith L. Underwood

Source: Demetria Smith Campaign

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