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Business owner or manager? This new B2B online platform will get your attention, and doesn't cost a dime

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - Feb. 15, 2017 - EntSun -- Tucked away in the tech-obscure corn belt of northern Indiana is a new startup poised to disrupt the online business-for-sale marketplace, a segment largely dominated by outdated subscription models and little innovation since the start of the Internet boom. With the inception of BizClaz.com, gone is the paid subscription model in lieu of free advertising, an expanded B2B marketplace and laser-focus on relevance.

BizClaz.com is a new business-to-business (B2B) advertising network that features free advertising of businesses for sale, commercial real estate, franchise and business opportunities, various business assets and professional B2B services. The service provides free advertising and viewing with enhanced features available for larger corporate enterprises. BizClaz.com is the businesses' marketplace. https://www.bizclaz.com.

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Jeff Parrot, founder of BizClaz.com and serial entrepreneur, was once a business advisor and broker in the B2B arena. He recognized that to effectively market commercial real estate and businesses for sale required a subscription or paid ad within the 'industry goliaths'. "This is a line item expense on the books of almost every commercial real estate broker in the country, an expense necessary to reach some probability of finding a buyer for a business. As a result of their success, these companies have become complacent with their subscription model while offering little innovation over the years." BizClaz.com was born of necessity and the belief that more practical advertising opportunities should exist for those in business, irrespective of financial capability.

Only 20% of businesses listed for sale do sell. Fewer than 50% of negotiated transactions make it to closing, and business brokerage accounts for fewer than 10% of all completed transactions. These are important metrics as it becomes evident that advertising can be a significant cost per sale conversion in the world of business brokerage. Parrot states, "Simply throwing money at a monthly subscription suddenly takes on a somber new meaning when considering the actual conversion costs of advertising." Online platforms give a false sense of affordability when considering smaller conversion rates, particularly in comparison to once-favored newspaper advertising.

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"Many people are quick to think that an accountant and plumber have nothing in common, when in actuality they do. Both professions require office equipment and supplies; both professions require legal assistance to incorporate. Each business provides a service each can use. The key then is to disseminate relevant content to owners and managers of similar NICs (needs, interests and concerns) and organize it in such a fashion that makes sense." Parrot said that his company BizClaz.com does just this.

BizClaz.com just completed beta testing in January and is now live accepting free B2B advertisements.

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