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"Normally a VFX editor has to do a lot of media management: you're getting files, you're checking files, you're sending those files to vendors to make sure that they've got everything they need to go ahead and start working. With PULSE it was an easy proc
Technicolor's trial period proved a treasure trove of insight for how to create cost-effective, quality HDR productions, how to capture a director's intent and perspective, how to shade the cameras correctly and how to really get the most out of HDR. We'r
The "Foxtel Now" service in Australia, introduced in early November -- and built with Technicolor technology -- is designed to stream all TV content, including free-to-air, paid subscription services as well as internet, apps and games.
When TVs receive a video signal...that signal has come from a studio or from a broadcaster and is produced by someone sitting behind a monitor. That monitor is not the same as the TV you will have in your living room. This means that every TV in every liv
Certain devices will support certain HDR technologies and different regions will prefer different HDR technologies.What Blu-ray offers is the ability to support the ones that are most important to consumers and that are most important to the device manufa
The goal for broadcasting in the foreseeable future is to deliver one stream for both SDR and HDR, and to deliver a great HDR experience. To that end, Cobalt is aggressively marketing its new integration with Technicolor's ITM, and participating in field
"With this pivotal step, broadcasters and equipment vendors have far more confidence in the maturity of SL-HDR1. They know that at this juncture, the amendment is stable and not going to change substantively. Vendors will implement SL-HDR1 with high confi
The two organizations have teamed up to create an artist-in-residency program that pairs artists and technology experts from Technicolor to work together on immersive media projects that combine compelling and rich content with a variety of leading-edge t
While EDI technologies continue to serve organizations' supply chain and logistics operations, they're increasingly outdated, expensive and complicated to maintain, and are too static to meet the complex and dynamic challenges of today.
"In Season 1 the color changed over the course of several months as we were working on it. And the sound, our sound developed. We've all found kind of the voice of the show; it's that language that we've developed with Technicolor specifically."
The trend is terrific news for the community of post-production and VFX artists and technologists that are now being tasked with bringing theatrical production values to series like Netflix's "Stranger Things," and "Narcos," as well as Amazon's "Mozart in
As streaming service providers like Netflix continue to expand in popularity with hits like "Stranger Things," it is taking the creative production of TV and film through a dramatic transformation.
The real sweet spot for 10G-PON is when there is a "greenfield" opportunity – such as when a new community is being built, and there is no pre-existing infrastructure in place that can bring connectivity to these new homes. The situation is different in a
"During the BBWF 2017 conference in Berlin, Technicolor is showcasing technologies based on 10G-PON and G.Fast 212, and we will present a LIVE demonstration of our first 802.11ax and G.Fast 212 gateways. It illustrates the benefits of OFDMA in a dense mul
BERLIN, Germany - Oct. 24, 2017 - -- BROADBAND WORLD FORUM -- A new webcast on the impact "managed Wi-Fi services" can have on network service providers (NSPs) in the EMEA region has been released for the Broadband World Forum 2017 conference -- which...
"In my view, voice interaction is a real game changer that has implications for IoT. That's why we at Technicolor are working with AWS to make our NSP products voice-capable. It is just one of the ways that we can help bring our NSP clients right into the
BERLIN, Germany - Oct. 23, 2017 - -- BROADBAND WORLD FORUM – As the communications industry gathers in Berlin this week to explore the latest developments in broadband services, network service providers (NSPs) will not only be looking for solutions...
"Moving from the DOCSIS 3.0 generation into this DOCSIS 3.1 generation can be executed with a smooth migration plan as opposed to a forklift"
DOCSIS 3.1 will help address increased demand for bandwidth and speed that's coming both from developers creating new bandwidth-hungry apps and services as well as the consumers who want to use them.
DOCSIS 3.1 will help address increased demand for bandwidth and speed that's coming both from developers creating new bandwidth-hungry apps and services as well as the consumers who want to use them.