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Drew Schultz & The Broken Habits - Live at 20 Front Street combines soul, jazz, and funk with Motown / Northern Soul classics, original songs, and stories celebrating soul music heroes and legends that Schultz has worked with. The album will be released o
New Material Recorded on 7" Vinyl singles by Yvonne Vernee of the Motown vocal group The Elgins, available now for Pre-Order
YannaMaria appears with a new hypnotic musicality in R&B and soul music genre. Her latest work on the track 'Always On Time' is setting perfect mood for the fans.
CHRIS JASPER brings back Soulful R&B and Funk Music with his new CD "DANCE WITH YOU" ... "Dance With You" debuted as the ALBUM OF THE MONTH on Soultracks.com.
The GroovaLottos debut album, "ASK YO MAMA" not only received 4 Grammy nominations bus is still going strong in sales and song discoveries by new fans. The song "Just Is..." becomes one of the rising r&b hits of the album.
CHRIS JASPER Releases New Music: The First Single ... "THE LOVE THAT YOU GIVE"... a Classic R&B ballad...Perfect for that slow dance with the one you love from his forthcoming 15th Solo Album "DANCE WITH YOU" ... "The Love That You Give" debuted as "Song
Versatile music artist Tyler Melano goes global with his latest single "Perfect Season". His musicality is already viral and streaming on the gala.
According to The GroovaLottos, creating great music is a lot like creating a gourmet meal. How Jazz, Pentacostalism, and Lower East Side taylors influences the soul-funk-blues masters.
Understanding the changing trends in music is crucial to a band, but also important is understanding how to ride the waves of shifting audiences, and the fact that the formula has not changed in 100 years.
Upstart Cable and Streaming Network UBC-TV hosted a Pre-Grammy Launch that featured Grammy Nominees The GroovaLottos, along with a host of up and coming Indie talent, got the crowd going.
R.E has surprised his fans and worldwide listeners with a new R&B and soul music release called "Mirage". It has already received good response from the audiences.