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Father of four creates incredible YouTube show in the midst of the pandemic to encourage children everywhere
Pediatric Urgent Care tests families for COVID-19 during extended operation hours.
The privacy solution "XPAND Declaration" that uses "XPAND Code" has been released in Europe. When you read the T-shirt on a smartphone, a declaration that says "Don't Upload Me" appears. We plan to provide APIs so that social media and search sites can re
The Nation Will Need Healthier Schools in a Post-Pandemic Future Air and Water Quality, Safer Cleaning and Disinfecting Products Critical Needs
MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - -- It's been barely 2 weeks since school has shut down physical doors nationwide and if you're like me most of your incoming emails these days revolve around COVID-19. I'm pretty sure that none of them have spoken to people yet on...
The Nation Needs Healthy Schools in the Post-Pandemic Future: Children, Families & Schools
You can't simply let a deadly virus to destroy your children's future. Instead, teach them something inside your home (As you can't go outside). Don't have an idea? We are glad to put everything about a really great idea here. Which is to...
SYLMAR, Calif. - -- Children's Hunger Fund (CHF) is responding to COVID-19 by providing food and aid for children and families in need. CHF works through corporate relationships and a global network of churches, making it possible to meet people around...
DALLAS - -- We live in a world full of communication technology which is meant to advance society. However, many children are lacking social skills. A small Texas-based children's shoe, the OKIEZ brand, is on a mission to transform early social skills...
TOMBSTONE, Ariz. - -- Bennie can't wait to run to the park to play with his friends. He quickly dresses in his favorite t-shirt and shorts, and runs down to breakfast. After rushing through his favorite breakfast (his first surprise of the day), Mom...