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RIDGEWOOD, N.J. - Dec. 2, 2018 - -- Bergen County –
Fun way to learn the alphabet and new words with adorable The Letter Critters
What you didn't know about your countertops, there is a cure.
Free lesson plans inspired by The Gingerbread Train-Santa's Secret Gift book go live just in time for teachers and students to climb aboard for the holidays
Ayesha V. Dwyer shares an adventurous tale of a young girl who lives life grounded in her Jamaican roots
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Nov. 19, 2018 - -- Recently, at Orphan World Relief's annual dinner celebrating 10 years of changing lives, the President of Orphan World Relief thanked three local businesses for taking the initiative to support orphans, foster and at...
Smith, Co-Author Mike Nawrocki Featured During LiveSigning Event Nov. 5; Smith's Annual Christmas Tour Launches Nov. 28; Nurturing Steps™ Infant, Toddler Series Gift Set Available Now
LOS ALTOS, Calif. - Oct. 19, 2018 - -- Parents, educators and the world at large grapple with the implications of the technological revolution embodied in the computers in our hands and on our desks. How to educate children in the age of screens and to...
From the Sandbox to the Ballot Box civility is up for a vote and the kids are getting involved!
The County of Santa Barbara Department of Social Services in partnership with kNOw MORE!, Our County. Our Kids and Fighting Back Santa Maria is bringing attention to human trafficking in Santa Barbara County
DECATUR, Ga. - Oct. 11, 2018 - -- Estate & Asset Protection Attorney, Victoria Collier speaks to parents encouraging them to make sure their wills designate guardianship and financial care in the event that both parents come to an untimely demise.