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Star Wars Last Jedi FOUND! The Force is strong with SaberCombat.com!

Amazingly talented and passionate light saber instructors are here to make your events unforgettable! Meet the jedi masters of SaberCombat.com, originally a SJ/SF CA business that relocated to the Los Angeles/O.C. area... and the Force is with them!

ANAHEIM, Calif. - Oct. 11, 2017 - EntSun -- The Force is strong with team SaberCombat.com!

The new Star Wars VIII film "The Last Jedi" may hint at there only being one saber master left... but the talented and well-trained instructors at SaberCombat.com would beg to differ...

Offering amazing saber classes, events, performances and overall productions for both parents and corporations alike, their work is a... Force with which to be reckoned...

After 10+ years in the San Jose / San Francisco bay area and having served 1000s of customers and clients--along with countless videos demonstrating examplary work, SaberCombat makes the jump to lightspeed to find themselves in the Los Angeles area, ready to fend off the evils of the galaxy!

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Contact them via your galactic communicators today for a journey into a larger world.   More information about their amazing work can be found on the SaberCombat.com website, or, by viewing the 600+ videos on their YouTube channel (listed above).

May the Force be with you!

Some highlights of the main instructor's work (Matthew 'Novastar' Carauddo) are seen here, in this amazing and acrobatic video:


Matthew 'Novastar' Carauddo (lic'd fencing instr.)

Source: SaberCombat.com

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