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"She is not Captain Marvel, Not 007 Female James Bond' You Save The Best for Last VENDETTA VETTE

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Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporations action drama gets set for first mission for VENDETTA VETTE Mission One 2020....

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Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation

"She is not Captain Marvel, not female 077 James Bond"...."You save the best for last" VENDETTA VETTE...Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation action drama VENDETTA VETTE Mission One 2020 gets ready for her first mission in 2020. Currently, VENDETTA VETTE is getting her Team together, the VENDETTA VETTE VV-1 Corvette and all of her VV toys are ready to combat the evil nemesis WARRANT and her Team in 2020....in the first release..

Starring Cynthia Rothrock, Chase Masterson, Nadia Lanfranconi. Co-Starring Laura Meadows, Seira Kagami. Directed by Art Camacho, Executive Producers Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporations. Collaborations with TBA. Music bu Rob Diddy Morrison and Vergus Salt. VENDETTA VETTE FASHIONS by Laura Meadows Fashions LLC coming late 2020...Starring the VENDETTA VETTE VV-1 Corvette, the WARRANT Viper WW-1 and more...

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Announced today, Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation saved the best Female Action Character for last. Marvel Studios has Captain Marvel, Barbara Brocolli has her new Female 077 James Bond, but again you save the best for last as Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation has stated. Our VENDETTA VETTE character is a character all by herself and more stated TDS, the characters, concept, all of the VENDETTA VETTE attachments and more will give VENDETTA VETTE a global audience to empower women globally in 2020.
Currently, VENDETTA VETTE is in talks with Indie Studios for a full collaboration in 2020.

Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation
Jennifer Culver, Press Relations
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Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation
Jennifer Culver, Press Relations

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