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Anticipated Book Series Release delivers a page-turner, a 2018 Billboard Winner and a Dallas Cowboy

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District of Columbia,  Jul 11, 2018 (Issuewire) - The Adventures of Olivia Glass & Turkeyboy suggests that life is measured by the impact we leave in the world around us. A quintessential story of when quirky meets murky, as two very different characters realize that they sort of have the same problem. This wouldnt be so bad, except emotions are running high, misunderstandings trump logic, and of course, there are the pesky humans! On this epic adventure, an unlikely friendship develops between thirteen-year-old Olivia Madelyn Glass, a Veterinarians daughter, and Turkeyboy, a coming-of-age farm animal whose life she spares after a serendipitous encounter. Drawn together by tragedy, his entire world vanishes, and shes also desperate to find out who she really is but despite her disturbing discoveries, she fights against the unknown. Amidst the heartache, she learns a new definition of family in an unexpected and unwelcomed houseguest for the holiday. They run away from the Nebraska farm heading toward Hollywood. Everything bad happens there. On the girls trip, Olivia discovers she must learn, and relearn everything she thought she knew to stay alive, but can these bickering besties come together, and will Olivia rescue the Time-Erasing turkeys from the terror that awaits? Unpredictable behaviors unravel the layered complexity of the heart in this inspiring and cautionary tale of what happens at the crossroad of destiny and purpose.

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The book is smart and  its funny! The quirky farm animals and the humorous human interactions are engaging; youll carry these characters with you. The Adventures of Olivia Glass and Turkeyboy is a fast-moving - page turner for the entire family, also serving as a great reminder that no matter our circumstances... we all have purpose. Jean Chouteau shares, There is a line in the book spoken in Portuguese, todos temos um proposito, meaning we all have purpose. It creates an uncluttered view for valuing myself, and how I view others; I do believe that purpose is the greatest equalizer in life.

The Adventures of Olivia Glass and Turkeyboy is a fast moving - page turner for the entire family, proving that even the most unlikely people can become friends. Jean Chouteau is a grandmother who started telling this story to her own very young children many years ago on holidays during a very troubling period in their lives. During the time they spent together, every-other- holiday - the story grew - creating a deep family bond. Eventually, finding its' way into the hands of some very encouraging people to include Robert Bailey, President of Rosenhaus Sports who encouraged Chouteau, ...finish this story, girl! Chouteau set out to finish it with the creative insight and unconditional love of her husband Donte Chouteau, who would often ask, Whats up with Turkeyboy? and who simply, ... just makes everything better, says Mrs. Chouteau. Creating the book series with her family and being able to have so much support throughout the entertainment industry will create a uniquely enjoyable experience for the reader.   The book series has already garnered endorsements from the "Soul Men" actress and influencer, Monyetta Shaw; as well as receiving the seal of approval from Hollywood Actress Terri Vaugh. Timeless themes of family and faith resonate and will spark the imagination of a child you love.

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The Audiobook comes alive featuring the voices of David Irving, NFL Dallas Cowboys Defensive Tackle David, as Big Tex,  BET Network and "Iyanla Fix My Life" Television Personality,  Neffeteria Neffe Pugh as the sassy and hilarious Auntie Gladys, and introducing Masayih Hankerson as the voice of Olivia Glass.
The Adventures of Olivia Glass is available now! Soundtrack, written and produced by Bishop Cortez Vaughn FREE of charge!

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