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Register To Win an Amazon Fire HD 6 Tablet and Get Straights Answers From A Genius on Many Topics

Albert Einstein's IQ was estimated to be 162. SmarterThanAlbert has an IQ of 167. Ask him any question and he will give you a straight answer. No bias, no political correctness…just pure genius.

LOS ANGELES - Dec. 16, 2015 - EntSun -- The Republicans say Obamacare is bad and the Democrats say it is good.  The same story on CNN is somehow portrayed differently on Fox and MSNBC.  Are flu vaccinations good for you or not?  Will artificial sweeteners cause cancer?

In a fractured world with millions of voices, many with agendas, it's difficult to find someone you trust to give you the true answers to your questions.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could talk to someone as smart as Einstein (IQ of 160) to provide unbiased expert answers to your questions?  Unfortunately you cannot ask him your questions.  But, you can ask SmarterThanAlbert, a certified genius and a member of Mensa.

After scoring a 167 on an IQ test, higher than Einstein's 160, SmarterThanAlbert decided he would like to share his abilities to help as many people as possible by providing smart, unbiased, honest answers to their questions (remaining anonymous makes this easier to accomplish).
SmarterThanAlbert reached out to Bryon K. Smith, a new customer acquisition and retention marketer, to help with planning and execution.

"Our mission is to provide a forum for people to get unbiased genius answers to their questions and to discuss the answers with the author and subscribers," according to Smith.

Now that SmarterThanAlbert.com has more than 50 postings, they are ready to grow their subscription base with an Amazon Fire HD 6 Tablet sweepstakes where subscribers have a 1 in 250 chance of winning.

According to Smith, "The SmarterThanAlbert.com blog is for anyone who wants to learn, particularly adults thirty and above and college-age kids with highly technical engineering, physics or math homework."

"Anyone interested in deep answers to why things are the way they are, how things work, philosophical and morality questions will look forward to posts from SmarterThanAlbert.com."
To date, the most popular question categories are:

•  Science

•  Religion

•  Politics

•  Relationships

•  Health (http://www.smarterthanalbert.com/category/health/)

•  Technology (http://www.smarterthanalbert.com/category/technology/)

But subscribers can ask anything (http://www.smarterthanalbert.com/ask-smarter-than-albert-a-question/).


Source: SmarterThanAlbert.com

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