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A story of enlightenment, on an incredible true voyage

HUGHENDEN, Australia - April 20, 2017 - EntSun -- It is 1865, and families across Ireland are encouraged to immigrate to Australia. With the promise of land-parcels, and the hope of starting a new life, it seems like a dream come true for the people of a nation recovering from crop-failure and famine.

Emily is convinced by her husband to take the voyage, but as they board the vessel, she soon suspects they have made a mistake. The sailing ship, The Golden City, is in a poor state, almost unseaworthy, and is heavily over-crowded. Her worst fears are realized as she leaves behind her home and family, perhaps forever, and they sail onward into fierce storms and mountainous seas.

She must also endure the deterioration of relationships within the cramped steerage, and the behaviour of an increasingly undisciplined crew. As events spiral out of her control, Emily grasps desperately onto a different perspective that she hopes will change her situation aboard the Golden City. But will it be enough to save her from the dangers to be encountered across the vast oceans yet to sail?

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Joseph McCarthy

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